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Did you watch Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV last night?


SunSpaces was featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden! To help transform Mark Ormrod’s family garden, we supplied a SunSpace Aspire + Veranda with a glass roof.


This surprise project was in aid of Mark Ormrod, a former Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan. Mark’s story has been well documented in the press and has had high level support from Prince Harry.  Since becoming the UK’s first triple amputee, Mr Ormrod has created a lot of awareness for the men and women wounded in action fighting on behalf of our country. ITV really wanted to support this inspirational man, and we were more than happy to help!


We knew that our Sunspace Aspire + was the perfect solution to the family’s outdoor challenges. The glass roof veranda is a stylish addition to any home and sturdy enough to offer all the protection needed to relax outside. 



Sunspace Aspire+ verandas with a glass roof are modern, sophisticated and durable verandas. They are sturdy enough to withstand any weather changes. Their contemporary design provides you with a luxurious feeling outdoors.


These verandas are available either as attached or detached. Attached Aspire+ verandas are fixed to the back or side of your house while the detached verandas can stand anywhere you prefer in your garden.



Our Aspire+ verandas with glass roofs have few supports hence gives you a clear, unbarred view. They come in various colours. Therefore, you can choose your most preferred colour. We also offer a broad range of accessories to accompany our glass roof verandas.



Read more about last night's episode here -

SunSpaces products are sure to improve your garden time too, so if you are interested in transforming your outside space, contact our team now!


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Spend more time in your garden with a delightful Veranda

Spending more time in your garden is great for your physical and psychological well being. What could be better than sipping a cup of coffee or a cold drink as you listen to the birdsong and inhale the scent of your garden flowers. With our Aspire Glass Veranda you can enjoy a gorgeous sunny day outside whilst being able to rely on protection from any drizzle that may occur.

Your Aspire Glass Veranda will also be a fantastic place for entertaining: put some chairs out and have your guests gather round the table for a light summer meal. Entertaining outside is so much more atmospheric and memorable. Relish the midday sun as you chat over cake with friends or enjoy a romantic dinner for two in the cool of the evening with a gorgeous sunset as you eat. 


SunSpaces Aspire Glass Veranda’s are very unobtrusive structures, and definitely leave you with the feeling that you are outdoors rather than in another room of your house. Light aluminium, transparent glass and an area that is open to the breeze will help you to create a comfortable space to spend time outside. It does not matter how big or how small your garden is - it will definitely be enhanced thanks to the addition of a sunny Veranda. Take a look outside - wouldn't you like to be out there right now, relaxing under your Veranda? These structures are so easy to install, so you will be revelling in your new outdoor space sooner than you think.



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Just a few short years ago the idea of having a hot tub or Jacuzzi at home was laughable. Hot tubs were the prerogative of the wealthy and beyond the financial reach of most people. Fast forward to today and installing a contemporary hot tub room is not just an attractive proposition but also relatively inexpensive.

Nowadays, anybody with a small back garden can enjoy the relaxing benefits of soaking in a hot tub. The notoriously fickle British weather is not conducive to the use of an outdoors spa but a purpose-built hot tub room overcomes this problem and allows year-round enjoyment regardless of the vagaries of the weather.


Many Benefits!

Glass extensions are quickly and easily installed and provide many benefits for users:


• Relaxing - The number one reason most people cite for having a hot tub is to be able to simply chill out and relax in a comfortable and pleasant environment. A glass extension can become a haven of peace and tranquillity with the addition of a hot tub, heating, some plants and subtle lighting. Simply soaking in soothing bath of warm water in tranquil surroundings is a great way to unwind at the end of a hard day or week. 

• Fun and Pleasure - The addition of a glass extension to your home will add countless hours of fun and pleasure for the entire family. Why sit indoors looking at the rain falling when you can be enjoying yourself splashing around in your own little insulated oasis of warmth and relaxation. 

• Entertaining - A glass extension is also a great place for entertaining friends in a casual and stress-free environment. Arranging summer BBQ’s can be a risky business with good weather never guaranteed but a glass extension is always available for use regardless of the time of year.

• Healthy - Hot tubs may not have any direct physical benefits apart from being relaxing but they can certainly increase our mental well-being. A lot of people are often down during the long, dull winter days and being able to relax in a hot tub room at any time can only have a positive effect.

Welcome Escape

Relaxing in a warm and comfortable hot tub room is a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life for at least a while. A glass extension could be ea
sily converted into a contemporary hot tub room and your own get-away-from-it-all space. Hot tubs are becoming more affordable every day and provide hours of fun and relaxation for the young and the old. Easily maintained and inexpensive to run, your own hot tub room is the ideal place to relax and improve your overall quality of life without breaking the bank.

Adding a free standing veranda to your property is a great way to create a covered terrace that is completely detached from your home. Perhaps you are looking to create a serene space to wind down after a hectic day or to simply create a sheltered garden space that provides protection against the elements of nature and falling leaves, a free standing veranda is an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor space.


Free standing verandas made out of aluminium have a strong weather-resistant frame that stays the same year after year. With its own back and side walls and an attractive ceiling, a free standing veranda can give your outdoor space that elegant, high-end look without breaking the bank. 

Depending on your preferences for roofing, you can choose between a thick, toughened safety glass and polycarbonate. You can select the type of polycarbonate material that serves your purpose, depending on the amount of sunlight you wish to permit. 

The clear polycarbonate is ideal if you want a bright ambience when the sun is up. The opal polycarbonate moderates the amount of sunshine coming through but if you prefer a heat repelling material, the IR clear polycarbonate blocks 68% of heat coming through. The roof shade system and roof blinds add flexibility to the amount of sunlight you want to shut out at any particular time and there are a variety of colours to choose from.


Guttering is essential for effective drainage of the roof and various gutter designs are available to choose from. The standard gutter works perfectly in any environment but elegant gutter covers in various designs are also available to add to the beauty of the veranda.

LED spotlights will brighten the interior of the veranda when it's dark and allow you to spend more time in your veranda at night if you choose to do so. They can conveniently be controlled by a remote device. An outdoor heater can also be installed to make your veranda cosier on a cold day.


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The New Year is already under way, as is the cold and wet winter weather. If you’re looking forward to warmer sunnier days, an excellent New Year’s resolution could be to make sure you’re better placed to enjoy those days this year. One of the hottest trends in lifestyle and home improvement right now is the coming together of indoor and outdoor spaces. Verandas and patios are placed to maximise direct sunlight, enhance garden views and merge with the indoor transition area by using complementary looks and styles in furnishing and flooring. Another part of the indoors/outdoors trend is the inclusion of ‘garden rooms’ that immerse you in the scenery.


If you and your family enjoy relaxing outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and summer breezes but you don’t have a formal space set aside for this purpose it may be time to invest in a veranda. Not only will a veranda provide protection from rain - it will most likely increase the value of your home as well. A veranda can be constructed to flow almost seamlessly from your kitchen/dining area to maximise the living space for entertainment and dining purposes.