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Our beautiful Panorama Glass Rooms are modern, discreet sunrooms that can be easily opened to the sun's warmth, or protectively closed, according to the season. The back garden loses nothing, it remains an open space all summer, while the house acquires an extra room where people can relax in a garden setting, during bad weather.

Sliding walls

The secret is the sliding walls. The supporting structure is made of durable, solid aluminium, usually in grey, cream or white but any number of bespoke colours are available via special order. The sliding walls move along runners in this structure, as simply and smoothly as opening any door. Open them completely to welcome the sun's warming rays, or close them to create a barrier between you and the inclement weather. Either way, your garden view remains unobstructed. Between seasons you can gradually open/close sections as required. 


Made entirely of safety glass (apart from the aluminium support structure), these glass rooms are, to all effects, rooms, with varied heating and lighting options. Being an outside room, the roof is an important element. Our roofing materials are thick, toughened safety glass or hard, durable, glass-like polycarbonate. We also offer a range of blinds for your roof.


Glass rooms are available in all sizes, or made-to-measure, and installation is fast and hassle-free. The seasoned handy-man can even opt for the DIY version, an accompanying DVD gives full instructions.


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Our Haven Garden Rooms present a great way to add additional space to your property. They are versatile in terms of the use you can put them to. You can use them as additional lounge if you have teenagers at home who prefer a separate space to do their own thing or entertain their friends. They are also great as playroom for younger children to play with their toys.

Depending on the size or structure of your property, our Haven Garden Rooms can be deployed to serve as a dining area when your original structure makes no provision for one. As the family size grows, we tend to acquire more stuff. Inevitably, additional space must be sought to accommodate the extra stuff. Adding a Haven Garden Room will save you the cost and the inconvenience of renting storage space in a separate location.

They come in various sizes and you have a variety of colours to choose from. You have the option of selecting from a standard range of graphite grey, cream and white or from a range of custom RAL colours. They are made of aluminium structures fitted with stylish sliding doors that create seamless transition between your home and garden.

Security of your home is assured by the sturdy, toughed glass these sliding doors are made from and they can be locked when the room is not in use. In addition, you can order your unit with a privacy glass which prevents people from seeing inside your extension. You also have the option of choosing the roofing materials that suit your purpose.

Our Haven Garden Rooms are easy to assemble and they offer you the most competitive prices for a 21st century garden room. What's more, you have a 10-year warranty on them!


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