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Spend more time in your garden with a delightful Veranda

Spending more time in your garden is great for your physical and psychological well being. What could be better than sipping a cup of coffee or a cold drink as you listen to the birdsong and inhale the scent of your garden flowers. With our Aspire Glass Veranda you can enjoy a gorgeous sunny day outside whilst being able to rely on protection from any drizzle that may occur.

Your Aspire Glass Veranda will also be a fantastic place for entertaining: put some chairs out and have your guests gather round the table for a light summer meal. Entertaining outside is so much more atmospheric and memorable. Relish the midday sun as you chat over cake with friends or enjoy a romantic dinner for two in the cool of the evening with a gorgeous sunset as you eat. 


SunSpaces Aspire Glass Veranda’s are very unobtrusive structures, and definitely leave you with the feeling that you are outdoors rather than in another room of your house. Light aluminium, transparent glass and an area that is open to the breeze will help you to create a comfortable space to spend time outside. It does not matter how big or how small your garden is - it will definitely be enhanced thanks to the addition of a sunny Veranda. Take a look outside - wouldn't you like to be out there right now, relaxing under your Veranda? These structures are so easy to install, so you will be revelling in your new outdoor space sooner than you think.



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