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In the quest to make the most of our outdoor spaces, garden verandas have become increasingly popular. Not only do they extend your living area into the garden, but they also provide shelter from the elements while offering a seamless connection with nature...



Very few rooms have just one purpose. A bathroom can be a concert hall. A playroom can be a jungle or a spaceship.


The same is true of our garden rooms. To find out how, read on.


garden room design example


Garden rooms can accentuate your outdoor space in an instant. With the extra space and storage, there are so many ideas for a garden room. Thankfully, our garden rooms come in a range of customisable designs and sizes so it can fit right in to your home's current aesthetic, no matter what you plan on using your new space for. 


In this blog, we'll show you 5 garden room design examples from our previous customers that work perfectly in their existing space. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to design a garden room in the same way and it could be featured on our next blog!



garden room size


If you're thinking about getting your own garden room, then you may also be wondering whether there is a 'garden room maximum size' that you must adhere to. We're here to explain the maximum size of our garden rooms so you can find out how big your garden room can be!



With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, you may be considering the option of working outdoors, or anywhere near the sun, for that matter!
A huge majority of the UK now work from home or partake in the hybrid-working model, resulting in the modern-day office becoming a work setting of the past. So, if you have a sunroom or if you're planning on getting one, could you use it as a garden office workspace?