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Bespoke Sizes

Our garden rooms and verandas come in a range of standard sizes, but we appreciate that these won't work for every garden. Most of the garden buildings we offer boast a modular design, which means we're able to create a bespoke sunroom or veranda that suits you.

Your Sunspace can be built to your specifications, but there are some limitations. Be sure to check the sizing options for your chosen garden building, or get in touch to discuss your project's sizing requirements in more detail.

Here you can see the sizing options for some of our best-selling garden rooms and verandas:

Aspire Veranda

Width - 2m to unlimited
Depth - 1.5m to 5m
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1.5m to 5m2m to unlimited

Ultra Veranda

Width - 5m to unlimited
Depth - 3m to 5m
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3m to 5m5m to unlimited

Garden Room

Width - 3m to unlimited
Depth - 1.5m to 5m
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3m to unlimited1.5m to 5m

Garden Room

Width - 5m to unlimited
Depth - 3m to 5m
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5m to unlimited3m to 5m

Colour Choices

When you're trying to achieve a certain look in your garden, colour plays a huge role. You don't want your new garden room or veranda to stick out like a sore thumb, which is why all SunSpaces are available in both standard and custom colours.

Most of our garden buildings come in four colours as standard, but we appreciate that these won't be to everyone's taste. When you choose a made-to-measure garden room or veranda, we can use RAL custom colours to bring your dream design to life.

The four standard colours we offer are:


Wall Materials & Finish

One of the major elements you'll need to choose when designing your bespoke garden room is the walls. We offer side panels in a range of materials and finishes, depending on your desired level of privacy.
Fixed Aluminium

Fixed Aluminium Walls

These side walls are completely opaque, providing maximum privacy.
Fixed Glass Walls

Fixed Glass Walls

These transparent walls provide protection from the elements without disrupting the view of your garden.
Frosted Glass Walls

Frosted Fixed Glass Walls

These glass walls are opaque enough to provide privacy, but do allow some natural light through.
Sliding Glass Walls

Sliding Glass Walls

These sliding panels can be opened to access your garden. They're ideal in summer when you want to make the most of the fresh air & sunshine.

Attached or Freestanding?

We are often asked whether our bespoke garden rooms and verandas have to be attached to the home, or whether they can be freestanding. You'll be pleased to hear that all of our garden rooms and verandas can be built in either configuration.

This means you can add a bespoke garden building anywhere around your home or garden. So whether you want to expand your existing living space or create a cosy sheltered spot at the bottom of the garden, we can help.

Choose From a Range of Accessories?

A bespoke garden room / veranda would be incomplete without some accessories. Here at SunSpaces, we understand that everyone uses their garden differently - perhaps you're creating a safe space where the kids can play, or maybe you want a place to host parties and dance the night away. Whatever you're going to use your new Sun Space for, it's important that you can accessorise it in a way that suits you.

All of our verandas can be customised with the following accessories:
Bluetooth Sound System

Other Custom Features

There are plenty of other features you can pick and mix depending on which SunSpace you select. Here are just a few examples:
  • Roof material and finish
  • Gutter systems
  • Locking systems
As you can see, almost every aspect of our garden rooms and verandas can be customised to create a garden building that's uniquely tailored to your outdoor space. With a little help from the SunSpaces team, you can bring your dream garden building to life.

The options don't end there! We can also offer a number of flooring options for your new sunroom, including porcelain tiles and composite decking. Contact the SunSpaces team to learn more about our bespoke garden room flooring options.
Other Custom Features

If you want to get more from your garden, SunSpaces can help.