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Very few rooms have just one purpose. A bathroom can be a concert hall. A playroom can be a jungle or a spaceship.


The same is true of our garden rooms. To find out how, read on.


Garden Room Ideas


If you’ve ever moved into an unfurnished house, you’ll know a space is what you make of it. This is definitely true of a garden room.


Extending your living space with a glass garden room gives you an extra room in which to do as you please. Once it’s installed, you can put in as much furniture as the space allows.


This means it’s incredibly easy to create your own multi-purpose garden room!


We’ve got a whole gallery of beautiful garden rooms created by our customers just to inspire you, as well as our own suggestions.


Sunroom Furniture


One of the most popular uses for a sunroom is as a sheltered garden lounge. With some outdoor-suitable furniture, you can spend a relaxing summer afternoon curled up with a favourite book and a snack. You can even do the same in the winter: our garden rooms are built with 8mm thick safety glass that traps in heat which, combined with our outdoor heating options, means you can comfortably relax in your sunroom all year round.


If you installed a sofa-bed and our roof blinds, you can even turn your garden lounge into a makeshift guest room! Who could resist being able to sleep underneath the stars in such a cosy environment?  


Another popular use is as a dining area. British weather is famously fickle, so with a heated, sheltered outdoor area, you can dine outside come rain or shine. If you work from home, you could also take your laptop to the garden room and deal with the day’s business in a nice, bright space.


Better than either of those on their own is combining them. If you’ve installed a spacious sunroom, why not put an outdoor dining table in with the sofa and armchairs for the ultimate living room / dining room combo? You could even put in a roofed bar to make it a perfect social area.


A Place for Plants


Alternatively, you could add a touch of greenery and install a potting table or garden workbench along with some indoor plants. A well-placed sunroom would get plenty of light for the plants, and you could work on cultivating them in a cosy environment.


If you’re interested in adding a garden room to your property, request a quote now.


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