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December has arrived, which means that it's time to deck the halls, hang the ornaments, and get your home ready for Christmas!

To that end, we've chosen a few of our favourite Christmas decorations from around the internet. These items will look great practically anywhere in your property, although we think they'll look particularly perfect in your garden room if you've got one!
Snowball Curtain

We'll kick off with this very cute accessory from Cox & Cox - those sweet little snowballs would look great draped against the window of a garden room. We may not get a white Christmas this year, but frankly, we'd rather gaze at this curtain than struggle through a blanket of cold, slippery slush anyway.
Standing Bear Ornament

We encountered a lot of reindeer ornaments as we browsed the internet in preparation for this blog post, but if reindeer seem too clichéd for your tastes. there are alternatives. We're big fans of this lovely, bristly bear, for example.

Antique Smoke Silver Baubles

Baubles are nothing new, of course, but their omnipresence at this time of year doesn't mean that they can't still look stunning. We love the vintage look (as we may have mentioned before), and so these sumptuously smoky-looking ornaments are right up our street.

Christmas Pudding Doorstop

Why don't real Christmas puddings ever look as appetising as the plump, jolly, perfectly spherical puds like this one? Sadly, you can't eat this pudding, although it does make for a very festive-looking doorstop.

Pine Cone Stocking Holder

Finally, we come to the ever-reliable Notonthehighstreet - why hang your Christmas stocking any-old-where when you could hang it off this gorgeous cast-iron pine cone ornament? This item's outdoorsy appeal would marry perfectly with a garden room setting.

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We’ve shown you a few ways in which to turn your SunSpace into a totally unique and individual part of your home, but have you thought about using it as a dedicated games room?

With easy access to your garden, a garden games room would be perfect for family barbecues, garden parties and get-togethers with friends! Here are five ideas:

Retro Arcade Room

If you already own some retro arcade machines, or are thinking of investing in one or two, we have the perfect place to house them! Just add some neon lighting and some gaming nostalgia items and you're good to go!

Arcade games

Pool Room

Whether you consider yourself to be be a pool pro, or simply enjoy a casual game with friends, this is great a idea for a dedicated chilled, fun space to hang out with friends in.

Pool table

Cosy Gamer’s Hideaway

If consoles are your thing, why not use one of our SunSpaces to house your game collection? All you need is a suitably big TV and a cosy chair and you're ready to go! 

Computer games

Party Games Room

If you're someone who likes to get all your friends over for a fun night in, this is the SunSpace for you! Add a football or air-hockey table with some funky seating, and before long, your place will be the number one house party destination.

Table football

A Games Room for Kids

Children's toys and games can take up a lot of room in your house, so having a dedicated space for them is an ideal way to prevent the rest of the house from becoming untidy.

Child's play

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The garden rooms that we sell here at SunSpaces have a clean, contemporary look that we personally consider to be rather a big selling point. However, the way in which you choose to decorate your garden room is entirely up to you - you don't have to feel bound to the modern, minimal look that we've discussed previously, and if your tastes favour charming vintage decor over slicker, newer stuff, then your SunSpace will still make a superb canvas for your interior design ideas.

Here are five vintage items that we think would look fabulous in one of our garden rooms:

Vintage Mirror

Dorneywood Mirror

We'll start with this beautiful free-standing mirror. The gently weathered design is sure to appeal to fans of vintage decor, and it would look fabulous in any SunSpaces garden room (particularly a white one!)

Vintage Chair
Louis Vintage Script Chair
(from Wayfair)

This beautiful chair looks like it was just shipped in from eighteenth-century Paris. Like the Dorneywood Mirror (see above), it would look particularly perfect inside one of our white garden structures.

Vintage coffee table

OH Vintage Voyager Trunk/Coffee Table
(from Houseology)

This is really two items in one. When the trunk is open, it's a handy storage unit with a stunning map design on the inside; when closed, it serves as a charming and useful coffee table.

Vintage plant pot

Round Vintage Planters

Every room looks better with a bit of greenery, and these gorgeous vintage plant pots will suit your vintage-themed garden room perfectly.

Newgate Knightsbridge Wall Clock

Finally, nothing ties a room together quite like an attractive vintage-style clock. This one ticks all the right boxes: roman numerals, ornate hands, and an ever-so-slightly-weathered look that will go wonderfully with all the other items we've mentioned today.

Interested in adding a garden room to your property? Click here to request a free design!

Customise your new outdoor space!

Here at SunSpaces, we make it easy to purchase and install a stylish new veranda. Our sales team will help you through the entire ordering process; our products are supplied with easy-to-follow assembly guides and instructional DVDs; we even offer a full installation service if you'd rather leave the job to professionals. Everything is as simple as can be - the only hard part is deciding how to decorate your new veranda!
Fortunately, we can provide some assistance on that front, too. Here's what we have to offer:
  • Luxurious outdoor furniture. In order to get the most from your veranda, you'll want to add some furniture that will allow you to lounge, dine, and generally relax under that contemporary canopy.
  • Stylish outdoor flooring options. Have you given any thought to the flooring material that you'll be using underneath your veranda? The SunSpaces team can offer a range of attractive options in this category - click here for information on our full range of products.

  • Coloured shades. Add a splash of colour and keep the sun at bay with our attractive veranda sunshades! These can be supplied in a number of different colours - for example, the owner of the veranda pictured below chose red and white to match the cushions on their garden sofa.
These are just three of the veranda design options we can offer here at SunSpaces. We pride ourselves on provide a completely bespoke service to each customer - click here to request a free veranda design and brochure, or call 029 2080 3755 to discuss your project with a member of the SunSpaces team.

We're big fans of minimalism here at SunSpaces; the less-is-more look really appeals to us, and we think that our sleek garden rooms are perfect for such designs.

Minimal garden room
Minimalism - by its very nature - doesn't require all that much in the way of accessorising, but if you are thinking of trying a minimal design in your own garden room, here are 5 items that we think will suit your needs perfectly:
Black floor lamp
Chrome Floor Lamp with Black Shade
This striking black floor lamp is perfect for a minimal design scheme, and it's bound to look brilliant in your SunSpaces garden room.
Black lamp
Black Flower Pot Table Lamp
(from BLT Direct)
If, on the other hand, you'd prefer a lamp that's small enough to put on a table, then this bold little number will do the trick rather nicely!
Minimal pillowcase
Marimekko Unikko Pillowcase
(from Amara)
This pillowcase pattern has a beautiful, almost Japanese appearance - use it on the cushions in your minimal sunroom design for comfortable, stylish results!
White coffee table
Mike White Coffee Table
Straight lines are a staple of any minimal design, and this pretty white coffee table uses straight lines to create a very arresting piece of furniture. It would also make the perfect home for your flower pot table lamp (see above!)
Black rug
Nordic Cariboo Rug
(from Just a Rug)
Finally, this simple black rug will add the perfect finish to your minimal garden room and provide a bit of extra comfort underfoot.
Click here to request your FREE garden room design, or - if minimalism isn't your bag - check out some more colourful design ideas here.
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