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With the digital age that we now live in becoming bigger and bigger as time passes, the need for real, human interactions and connections has never been greater and going into the new year, your outdoor living space can play a vital role in making these connections happen. 


The once simple patio with weatherproof furniture and bbq, which has worked for so many people for so many years, just isn't enough anymore. People now want a comfortable space where they are able to relax and connect with family and friends that match and in most cases surpass, the comfort of their indoor spaces. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the predominant outdoor living trends that can be expected to continue gaining popularity in 2019.


Combine with Nature 


(Pictured: Serenity Veranda)


One of the most exciting up-and-coming trends is to combine or 'entangle' hardscape installations with the surrounding nature and landscape, which can be achieved in a number of different ways. For example, installing a detached veranda in an area of your garden surrounded by beautiful greenery or placing plants and flowers inside to create a natural environment within it. 


Contemporary Design


(Pictured: Compact Awning)


2019 will most definitely see many homeowners continue following the trend of transforming their outdoor living spaces to match the clean lines of contemporary design found within their inside spaces. People often associate textures and colours with contemporary design, so we can expect this to continue over the next 12 months. Another aspect of the contemporary trend focuses on monochromatic colour schemes with bright pops of colour.


Transitioning Inside to Outside


(Pictured: Sanctuary Garden Room)


One of the biggest outdoor living trends for 2019 is distorting the line between indoors and outdoors. This usually involves a lot more than just patio doors and windows, with a number of our SunSpaces providing the perfect opportunity to achieve just this! A garden room is a perfect solution if you're looking to extend your outside living area and with a number of additional features available such as lighting and heating, you are able to make the transition feel even easier. 


Grey & Greige Tones


(Pictured: Graphite Grey Outlook Veranda)


From light grey to darker charcoal colours, grey continued to dominate indoor and outdoor colour trends in 2018 and we do not expect this to slow down anytime soon! However, a recent trend has started which sees colours leaning back towards warmer tones, resulting in the rise of 'greige', a fine blend of grey and beige tones. Homeowners are expected to utilise these tones into new hardscapes, taking advantage of its ability to work extremely well with both cool and warm design palettes. 


Our collection of SunSpaces is perfect if you're looking to capitalise on any of these outdoor living trends in 2019! For more information about any of the listed products or our range of SunSpaces, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

(Pictured: Aspire Veranda)


A veranda is a structure built to the front, side or rear part of your house designed to provide you with shelter or used as a sun trap.


Types of verandas


It is rare to find verandas that are identical. This is because they tend to be customized to suit the owners’ needs. However, there are 2 main types of verandas;

Traditional or Victorian Veranda - Made from wrought iron, these verandas tend to have a roof containing glass panels and columns with quarter arches at the top.

Contemporary Veranda - Ideal for the more modern property, these sleek verandas have a durable, sleek aluminium structure, with either glass or polycarbonate roof panels.


The purpose of a veranda


Verandas usually often serve a variety of purposes, depending on the reasons and places fitted. The main reasons, however, are to provide an outdoor shelter where you can enjoy your outdoor area regardless of the weather conditions prevailing. Secondly, verandas enhance the look of your home. We can help you decide upon the best design to suit your property to provide a SunSpace that accentuates the look of your home.


The benefits of a veranda


You might be wondering why you should install a veranda to your home. Well, there are a variety of benefits to reap from the installation of a veranda:

  • An additional room - An additional room is always a bonus for any family home. This added space can be used to put your feet up or even as a children's play area. This added space will serve as a great place to dine with the family and spend time with each other, just as your garden is in the summertime. You can also use the additional space for storage, where you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe from the rain.


  • Entertainment - Hosting social events is often a great challenge. The addition of the veranda provides all essential outdoor space under cover for those inclement British days. Ideal as a shelter from those scorching days (we hope!) or as protection for those breezy days, the veranda space can be used for dining requirements, for lounging requirements, or a place for the kids to play.


  • Aesthetics - Ever noticed the difference between homes with verandas and those without? A house with a veranda looks complete and pleasing to look at. A veranda adds charm and a feeling of completeness to a house. Though verandas come in different styles, the end result is the same… the aesthetics are enhanced!


  • Value - In terms of real estate, an exterior addition to a property most often makes the difference in prices. A veranda can boost the value of a house by up to £15,493.80. It not only improves the aesthetics of a house but it can also double up as an additional room.


  • Space - Living with family is a wonderful experience, you get to watch your kids play around and also as they grow older. But sometimes you need a getaway place to reflect and do your work. A veranda provides the getaway space that you need! The additional space is ideal for enjoying a quiet time without the pressures of other family members. A veranda can also serve as an additional storage space for items like bicycles and toys.


With the information on verandas, it is prudent to fit one in your home. You will not regret the choice. Need further information on why you should choose a veranda for your home? Click below to contact us or view our range of Verandas!

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December has arrived, which means that it's time to deck the halls, hang the ornaments, and get your home ready for Christmas!

To that end, we've chosen a few of our favourite Christmas decorations from around the internet. These items will look great practically anywhere in your property, although we think they'll look particularly perfect in your garden room if you've got one!
Paper Snowflakes

We'll kick off with this very cute accessory from Cox & Cox - those sweet snowflakes would look great draped against the window of a garden room. We may not get a white Christmas this year, but frankly, we'd rather gaze at this curtain than struggle through a blanket of cold, slippery slush anyway.
Tartan Fabric Reindeer
It wouldn't really be Christmas without a reindeer, would it? Warm up your garden room with this fuzzy fabric reindeer, perfect for those cold winter evenings. We love this item and think it makes a great addition.
Antique Lustre Glass Baubles
Baubles are nothing new, of course, but their omnipresence at this time of year doesn't mean that they can't still look stunning. We love the vintage look (as we may have mentioned before), and so these sumptuously smoky-looking ornaments are right up our street.
Snowman Tealight Holder
Lighten up Christmas in your garden room with this festive tealight holder - Ideal for dining and coffee tables when you need to bring a touch of cheerful warmth to your home.
Pine Cone Stocking Holder
Finally, we come to the ever-reliable Notonthehighstreet - why hang your Christmas stocking any-old-where when you could hang it off this gorgeous cast-iron pine cone ornament? This item's outdoorsy appeal would marry perfectly with a garden room setting.
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