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garden room design example


Garden rooms can accentuate your outdoor space in an instant. With the extra space and storage, there are so many ideas for a garden room. Thankfully, our garden rooms come in a range of customisable designs and sizes so it can fit right in to your home's current aesthetic, no matter what you plan on using your new space for. 


In this blog, we'll show you 5 garden room design examples from our previous customers that work perfectly in their existing space. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to design a garden room in the same way and it could be featured on our next blog!


1. Modern Grey Garden Room

modern garden room design


This is our Panorama Garden Room which is one of our most contemporary garden room models. The homeowners for this garden room in Hertfordshire opted for a sleek, grey structure, but it can also be installed in cream and white. The customers for this garden room chose to include our optional glass sliding doors, so they could have a full view of their wonderful garden. 


As you can see, this new space offers an open environment that works perfectly as an extra dining area at the back of the property.


2. Classy, Minimalist Garden Room

minimalist garden room design


If you're looking for something a little more reserved, this is another design example of our Panorama Garden Room. This garden room in Buckinghamshire has a a classy and minimalist design. This may be a smaller garden room, but it definitely makes up for it in its grandeur style and appearance. This space was utilised as an extra area to create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas of the property.


It's definitely a statement piece. All you need to do is take a look at the pictures!


3. Functional and Practical Garden Room

practical garden room design


This practical garden room in Surrey was designed to accommodate a busy family schedule. With the addition of collapsable sliding doors and skylights, this functional garden room could be used as a transitional play area between the house and the garden, a homework area and a dining area for the day or night. 


At SunSpaces, we offer a variety of optional extras including garden room outdoor heaters (with Bluetooth connections for music!) and a choice of garden room spotlights to brighten up your new space.


4. Stylish Garden Room

stylish garden room design


Take a look at what one of our customers did with their garden room last winter! This Prestige Garden Room was used to create the most cosy Christmas haven, but it could be used all year round as a reclusive, hygge-like lounge area at the back of your property. 


Notably, the Prestige Flat Roof Garden Room has an element of style and class that can take your property's aesthetic to the next level. The black colour option chosen by these clients definitely helps this garden room stand out in all the best ways!


5. Free-Standing Garden Room

free standing garden room


Most of our garden rooms are installed alongside a property, but we can also install a free-standing garden room if that's what you'd prefer! This homeowner opted for our Prestige Garden Room in a stand-alone style to create a space protected from the elements, perfect for a fun hot tub area.

Some other customers also use free-standing garden rooms as home office areas, or as gyms, so they can escape the buzz of everyday life just for a moment in their own space.


Choose a Garden Room Design with SunSpaces

And there we have it - examples of a range of garden room designs, so you can create a SunSpace that you love and enjoy.

We love giving our customers exactly what they want, and no matter what you have in mind for your new garden room, we’re confident that we can provide it. Our garden room structures are available in a huge variety of configurations, and with all sorts of optional extras to choose from, your sunroom can be tailored to suit your unique preferences and requirements.


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