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2023 has been an exciting year, especially in the world of gardening and garden landscaping. People have become a lot more attentive to their surroundings this year, that's for sure! One area that seems to be getting the most attention is the trusty home garden. 


So, what are the biggest garden trends of 2023? Remember, it's never too late to hop on the bandwagon...



Herb Garden Galore

Herb gardens have become incredibly popular amongst avid gardeners, and even our younger generations!


Due to the growing number of homeowners sharing their aesthetic, home-grown herb gardens for satisfying recipe videos and pictures, herb gardens have become a very appealing addition for homeowners. Herb gardens have also become extremely trendy as it's a beautiful, cheap, and easy way to flavour food if money's a bit tight.


This year, people have started to realise the satisfaction of growing and accentuating food flavours with home-grown herbs. After all, there's something extremely wholesome about eating something that you've grown yourself!


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Communal Spaces

Since the pandemic, we have been steadily making up for the interactions that were taken from us. Due to this, warm and inviting communal areas have become a popular garden trend so far in 2023.


Through the additions of garden rooms, verandas, and seating areas, communal areas have become a staple in almost every garden across the UK. You will usually find these communal spaces decked out with bright maximalist accessories for a bold appearance, or minimalist neutral additions for added class and modernity.


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Mediterranean Aesthetics

Whilst we may not have the same climate as the Mediterranean in the UK, we sure do have the undeniable sunny spirit! Sometimes, you have to fake it 'til you make it, which is why Mediterranean aesthetics have made their mark in UK homes this year. 


One of the key elements of Mediterranean living is the liminality of indoor-outdoor living. To enhance and exaggerate the natural light and space of the outdoors, many garden owners have opted for a veranda installation to create a secure, undercover, and shaded space for much needed R&R.


Similarly, other additions include cosy dining spots, beautiful olive trees as focal points, fun outdoor bar areas and luscious lavender borders to create visible boundaries across the garden.





Fancy hopping onto the biggest garden trends of 2023? Why not install a veranda or garden room to create a cosy and warm atmosphere for your family and visitors! Take a look at the products that we are proud to offer below. 


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