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With summer finally here, there’s no better time to be out in your garden enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. SunSpaces are diverse garden areas that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, come rain or shine.


If you’re looking for some inspiration as to how you can decorate your SunSpace, look no further! We’ve gathered our favourite pieces of garden furniture from some fantastic UK based businesses. No matter what aesthetic you’re decorating your SunSpace in, you’re bound to find something suited to you!



If you’re looking to create a garden lounge to truly relax and unwind in, there are a number of outdoor additions you can add to your garden design to heighten the chilled-out ambience.


However, when it comes to ultimate outdoor relaxation, few garden furnishings can compete with the indulgent tranquillity of the inimitable outdoor daybed.


Inherently calming and unashamedly serene, these unique additions to the outdoor furniture collection make for the perfect setting for an open-air siesta.


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What is a Garden Day Bed?

If the hammock was the poster boy for outdoor leisure in the 20th century, the 21st century has gone one better with garden daybed. Trumping the hammock in virtually every way, an outdoor daybed does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin.


The ultimate addition to any garden lounge, the outdoor daybed is – as you may well have guessed – essentially a bed for the outside. Much like a weatherproof garden sofa, outdoor daybeds bring the comfort of interior furniture to the garden setting, providing all the functionality of a traditional bed for external use.


Types of Garden Day Beds

Outdoor daybeds come in a variety of styles, ranging from rounded open-top sofas to fully-enclosed shell-like pods. Naturally, this variety brings with it wildly varying price-tags.


That being said, shopping around could allow you to find a daybed for as little as a few hundred pounds; however, the bigger your budget, the more styles and options you will have at your disposal.


With high-end options including such variants as rotating rattan huts and cube-shaped sanctuaries, it’s worth saving a little extra before pulling the trigger to truly get the most of the experience.


Day Bed in Your SunSpace

While outdoor daybeds can be fantastic for reclining and unwinding in the sun, British weather doesn’t always play ball when it comes to outdoor plans. Luckily, with the help of SunSpaces, you can enjoy your outdoor recliner whenever you see fit.


Whether you already have a SunSpace or are considering adding a SunSpace to your property, incorporating a combination of the two can be the ultimate cocktail of comfort.


What better way to unwind in the open air under an awning, enjoy the breeze in your veranda or stare into the stars in your garden room than in supine calm of a garden daybed?



Don’t take our word for it – explore the possibilities today! Call now on 01727 845 788 or drop us a line using the button below and complete your garden lounge.

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When you invest in a high-quality, long-lasting product from SunSpaces we also recommend choosing robust, luxury outdoor flooring too. This ensures you get maximum enjoyment from your new SunSpace.


As some of you may already know, SunSpaces is a sister company to two exceptional indoor/outdoor flooring suppliers; TimberTech and PrimaPorcelain. Many of our customers choose composite decking from TimberTechUK or Porcelain tiles from PrimaPorcelain to complete their garden project, and we think the finished results are exquisite.



Composite Decking from TimberTech

TimberTech’s composite decking is a great option if you want to add a sturdy and attractive base to your SunSpace garden room or veranda. Some of the main benefits of choosing TimberTech composite decking as a base for your SunSpace are:

  • Low Maintenance – Unlike wooden decking, TimberTech composite decking doesn’t need painting. Staining or sealing to keep it looking beautiful, leaving you with more time to enjoy outdoor living
  • Fade & Heat Resistant – TimberTech decking will keep its rich, vibrant colour and won’t get too hot to walk on during the summer thanks to the highly reflective pigments used to create the boards.
  • Slip Resistant & Safe – Traditional wooden decking can be incredibly slippery - TimberTech’s boards take in minimal moisture (less than 1.2%) so you can be sure your new outdoor space will be safe to use whatever the weather. It also won’t splinter, meaning it’s perfect if you have children who will play on it barefoot in the summer.
  • Warranty – TimberTech’s deck boards come with a 30-year warranty meaning you can be certain that your outdoor flooring will last just as long as your new SunSpace!

Porcelain Paving from PrimaPorcelain

Choosing PrimaPorcelain’s tiles as a base for your SunSpace is also an excellent option. Their versatility makes them perfect for use as outdoor flooring beneath your new awning or veranda, or as indoor flooring in your garden room or glass extension! Some customers use the same range of tiles indoors and outdoors to create an indoor/outdoor transition that cannot be achieved using other materials.


PrimaPorcelain stock an extensive range of colours and textures so you can create an outdoor space that perfectly compliments your new SunSpace. Besides adding an extra luxurious finish to your SunSpace, PrimaPorcelain tiles offer the following benefits:

  • Low Maintenance – PrimaPorcelain tiles have a very low porosity level meaning they absorb less than 0.05% of surface water, this not only makes them incredibly slip resistant but also means they never need sealing.
  • Looks Like Natural Stone – If you want to achieve an authentic, natural look in your new SunSpace, PrimaPorcelain is the answer! Their tiles are indistinguishable from natural stone products.
  • Strength – PrimaPorcelain’s tiles are vitrified, meaning they are baked at a very high temperature that creates an incredibly dense and strong tile – much stronger than other materials.
  • Warranty – PrimaPorcelain’s paving comes with a 10-year warranty meaning you can be certain that your paved area will last just as long as your new SunSpace!

Call SunSpaces on 029 2080 3755 or email to discuss options for your project. Alternatively, you can visit our parent site Greensquares where you’ll find all of these outdoor living products under one roof!

Garden room furniture
Stunning garden rooms deserve equally stunning furniture, don't you think? After all, a room is nothing until it's been furnished, and we at SunSpaces want to make sure that the garden room we give you is as good as it can possibly be!
That's why our service doesn't just stop with the SunSpace itself. We also have a great collection of garden room furniture to choose from, guaranteeing that every element of your new room will be of the same high standard as the structure itself. Our furniture is designed and produced by Alexander Rose, one of Britain's best manufacturers and a market leader in weatherproof outdoor design.
Alexander Rose furniture
Alexander Rose furniture is made using an array of attractive-yet-durable materials, including timber, rattan, and stainless steel. All of their products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which means that you can take your garden room furniture outside without worrying about what might happen if the weather turns bad!
Our Alexander Rose garden room furniture collection was selected with appearance as well as practicality in mind. Each piece has a bold, contemporary design that nonetheless stays true to traditional British style; this means that, no matter what kind of look you're going for, the furniture we offer is sure to suit your needs.
Email for more information.