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If you're thinking about adding a garden room to your property, one of the major concerns you may have will be whether you will need to apply for planning permission for the structure and whether Building Regulations approval will also be needed. You can rest assured on both counts, as most garden rooms won't need either form of permission to be obtained in advance. You'll need to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your garden room complies with current regulations, but they will ensure your new and exciting room in the garden environment can go ahead with no hassles:

1. Many garden room developments fall into the "Permitted Development" bracket, as long as you ensure the height of your new room is less than 2.5m there is no problem sitting your new room within 2m of any boundary. In effect you need to bear in mind your garden room should be single storey only.

2. You cannot site your garden room in a front garden of any home or property as it is not possible to site any structures or outbuildings beyond the front walls. 

3. You are not allowed to use more than 50 percent of the total area of land surrounding your property for any proposed outbuilding or rooms. If you already have sheds or outbuildings within the garden, you need to take their total area into account when choosing the size of your new garden room.

When it comes down to choosing the roof for your new garden room, a flat roof can be a good option to ensure your room stays within the optimum height range.

garden room planning permission 

Adding a garden room to any home gives extra lifestyle and relaxation opportunities, allowing children or adults some private space away from the bustle in the house. Many home workers find that garden rooms can be the answer they need to attain the right work-life balance when working from home. Once they're in their garden room office the working day begins, just as soon as they quit the garden room and head back to the house, personal life intrudes once more. The choices you make about the style and form of your garden room are your decisions and a room of this nature can have a useful life for several decades. 

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Expanding your living space:

You may be thinking of expanding your family living space, either because you need more storage, have a new addition to your family, or simply want a bit more room to relax.


There are several options: loft conversion of course, or a conservatory, or an extension to your main dwelling space. All of these are integral to the main building of your home, but there is an alternative. If you have a garden, a garden room could offer you a versatile and less costly, to say nothing of a more pleasurable, alternative.


When considering the costs involved in an extension to your living space, there is no simple answer. Consider for instance a conservatory, it may seem a good way of adding extra living space; but consider what a conservatory is for; it is designed to conserve heat and light and during the summer months can actually turn out to be too hot an environment to spend much time in during hot days.


The costs of adding an extension to your existing property are as large as you could afford to make them; you will need an architect, planning permission, and you will literally be building from scratch a new part of your home.


A garden room can offer additional living or working space at what can be a fraction in most cases. Again, how large your garden room is and what it will contain will dictate the price. You will not need planning permission unless it is on a boundary.


Garden Rooms:

Garden rooms (like this Horizon Garden Room) can be bought in standard sizes or alternatively have one made to meet all your specifications. You can have a stylish extra space to be used for leisure or work. If you currently work from home and are using space in your living room or another room to do so you could free up that space by moving into a garden room.


We offer a personal touch. Every customer will have their own personal advisor and specialist team easing you painlessly through the simple steps required to transform your dream SunSpace into reality.


All our clients have exclusive access to our FREE professional architectural support service and in-house 3D Design Lab service. We also offer a dedicated in-house installation service and home visit.

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