Your SunSpace: Garden Room Ideas

A garden room can easily enhance your lifestyle, and however you’re planning to use the extra space, we will have something to fit your needs. SunSpaces come in all different shapes and sizes, making them a suitable solution for all your garden room ideas.

Whether you want to use your garden room for relaxing, entertaining, or even just for storage, we have plenty of ideas to help you decide what to use this space for.

We can tailor a SunSpace to your exact requirements; for instance, if you are looking for more privacy, we can provide a solid end wall or opal polycarbonate frosted panels. If you are looking to make the most of the day, we can supply glass roofs or panoramic views.

If you’re trying to match the colours, features and furniture that already exist in your garden, we can personalise to match your style. Anything is possible with SunSpaces!

Here are some further garden ideas to inspire you – click on the links to learn more about the options that are available to you!

A Space for the Kids

Want to give your children some more space in which to play? SunSpaces are great for kids – even when it’s pouring with rain, your garden room will allow you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space!
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The Perfect Dining Area

Everybody loves dining outdoors, but the British weather means that this luxury isn’t always possible. That’s where our garden rooms come in – even when the weather is foul, you can still dine in the beautiful surroundings of your garden.
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An Outdoor Lounge

It’s easy to transform your garden room into an outdoor lounge area! All you need is a few pieces of furniture and a bit of time to yourself; whether you’re reading a book or enjoying a few drinks with your nearest and dearest, there’s nothing like a SunSpace for expanding your outdoor space.
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Additional Storage Space

If you are overrun with kids’ toys and are short of storage space, a SunSpaces garden room could be the perfect solution. The weatherproof structure will ensure that your goods are kept safe and dry, and if our standard sizes aren’t big enough, our in-house architect will help you to design a room that is!
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Your Very Own Hot Tub

Fancy adding a hot tub to your property? SunSpaces are perfect for this purpose because they keep out the elements while still giving you that wonderful atmosphere of the great outdoors.
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Need more inspiration? Or perhaps you’ve got some ideas of your own, and you want to find out if they’re possible? Either way, we’d love to hear from you – contact SunSpaces now!
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