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Your Vista Garden Room

If you’ve been looking for a garden room with a flat roof and a slimline design, you’ll love our Vista garden room. It boasts an optical flat roof and a discreet profile, making it perfect for single-storey properties and extensions.

Our Vista garden room is perfect for homeowners who aren’t keen on garden rooms with a sloped roof design. The roof of the Vista garden room has inset glass roof panels placed with a minimal slope, and it features a discreet valance edge so that the roof looks completely flat to the naked eye.

Customising the Vista garden room to suit your home couldn’t be easier. The valance edge has a minimal 5cm overhang or you can select an extended 22cm deep square or round edge overhang cover. These extended edge covers then also allow you to also specify LED strip lighting. Better yet, you can choose exactly where to install your new Vista garden room, either as an extension of your home, or as a freestanding garden room elsewhere in the garden. The possibilities are endless!


6x4m maximum size on 2 posts


22cm roof overhang in square or round profile (optional)

Sun room with flat roof construction
Vista sunroom
Vista glass sunroom
Vista Stunning Glass Roof Sunroom

The Vista garden room from SunSpaces is a slimline alternative to other flat roof sunrooms, with posts that won’t obstruct your view of the garden. By providing shelter from the elements, this garden room will enable you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space.

Vista from £13,975.00 inc VAT

3m wide x 2.5m deep garden room with glass sliding doors (price includes installation)

Standard Sizes

Width – 3m to 6m
Depth – 2.5m to 4m

Best Seller Sizes & Prices:

Current Promotional Pricing:

4x3 £22,450
5x3 £25,100
6x4 £32,300

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Standard Colour Options

RAL 9006
Metallic Aluminium
RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey
15 Year Warranty
15 Year Warranty

The Vista glass room comes with a market leading 15 year warranty as standard.

Sliding Roof System
8.8mm Laminated Glass Roof

The laminated glass roof of the Vista garden room provides enhanced UV protection, a crystal-clear view of the sky, and is incredibly durable.

Highly Versatile

The Vista garden room can be customised to suit your needs perfectly

Vista Garden Room Details

Our Vista garden room is designed for homeowners who love a clean and chich design, but still want some flexibility and customisation options. As well as being a garden room with flat roof construction, Vista features a wide range of add-ons including lighting, heating and sound systems, to make a space that’s perfect for your home.

Vista Garden Room
Roof edges can be round or square
8mm laminated glass roof means Vista is able to withstand loads of up to 90kg per m2.
Standard Colours available:
RAL 9006
Metallic Anthracite
RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey
Option to add 22cm roof overhang, or stick to the original 5cm overhang.
11x11mm posts offer a streamlined design that won’t disrupt your view of the garden.
Panorama Sunroom
Panorama Sunroom
RAL 9006
Metallic Anthracite
RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey
8.8mm thick laminated glass roof, able to withstand loads of up to 90kg per m2 (roughly 50cm of snow)
Standard Colours available:
Integrated rain gutter
This product is manufactured according to German construction standards, ensuring a guaranteed strong, safe and solid system and has been EN 1090-1 certified since January 2016.

Customise your SunSpace

Side walls
Choose your roof material: polycarbonate (clear, IR clear or opal finish) or glass?
Freestanding/detached construction
Freestanding/detached construction - locate your SunSpace anywhere in your garden.
including lighting
A range of accessories including lighting and heating are available.

Side Panel Options

Fixed Aluminium

Fixed Aluminium Walls

These side walls are completely opaque, providing maximum privacy.

Fixed Glass Walls

Fixed Glass Walls

These transparent walls provide protection from the elements without disrupting the view of your garden.

Frosted Glass Walls

Frosted Fixed Glass Walls

These glass walls are opaque enough to provide privacy, but do allow some natural light through.

Sliding Glass Walls

Sliding Glass Walls

These sliding panels can be opened to access your garden. They're ideal in summer when you want to make the most of the fresh air & sunshine.