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Despite the advances in science and technology, British weather can still be somewhat unpredictable. In fact, at times, it can be outright baffling!


As such, the weatherman doesn’t always speak the gospel when it comes to meteorological predictions and even the pros get it wrong from time to time.


When that happens, an unforeseen change in weather can quickly put a dampener on your outdoor plans and turn a supposed sunny Saturday into a damp squib.


Luckily, you don’t need to rely on the weatherman to enjoy your outdoor seating area. With the help of SunSpaces, you can enjoy your garden seating while still being suitably protected from the elements!


outdoor seating area,garden seating area


Creating an Outdoor Seating Area

At SunSpaces, we specialise in outdoor living products that allow you to truly make the most of your external space. When it comes to creating an outdoor seating space in your garden, our SunSpaces are the ultimate ace up the sleeve.


From versatile awnings and airy verandas to fully insulated contemporary garden rooms, we offer a wide variety of protective measures designed to keep your outdoor enjoyment at full capacity and your outdoor seating area fit for purpose, regardless of what weather comes your way.



Types of Outdoor Seating Areas

When creating an outdoor seating area, perhaps the most important thing to consider isn’t the seats themselves but the area you’re placing them in.


There’s nothing relaxing about sitting unprotected in the rain, while too much sun exposure also has a myriad of hazards attached. As such, appropriate protection against the elements is paramount.


At SunSpaces, we offer a wide variety of protective products, designed to effectively screen from the sun, shield against the wind and provide some shelter from the rain.


Read on for three wonderful ways to weatherproof your outdoor seating area.



A flexible solution to outdoor shelter, our range of awnings offer a sleek and stylish solution to outdoor seating shelter with innate adaptability ingrained in each product.


Our awnings provide non-permanent shelter for your outdoor space, offering ample coverage for your external seating area.


Unlike other options, the protective canvas covering is fully retractable. This allows you to enjoy the sun unobstructed when desired, providing you with a toasty sun trap when the weather allows.


Meanwhile, if the heat gets too much or the weather takes a turn the other way, you can just as easily unfold the canvas cover to shield whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


With no posts or framework to prop up the canvas, the awnings also offer elemental protection with minimal view obstruction to the rest of your garden.


The awnings themselves come in three distinct categories; simply click the options below to find out more.

Compact Awnings                           Lite Awnings                      Elite Awnings



For a more permanent protective fixture for your seating area, look no further than the stunningly beautiful veranda range.


An open extension built-on to your property, these fixed outdoor shelters provide ample protection for your seating area while still maintaining the healthy open airflow of an awning.


Each product is made with its own distinct perks and personality traits, from ultra-modern concept design to cutting-edge louvred roof technology.


Best of all, our verandas are also completely customisable, allowing you to create an outdoor addition that suits you and your home.


For shaded relaxation when the weather is hot and dry shelter when the weather takes a turn, a SunSpaces veranda will keep your garden seating area both habitable and comfortable.


Built to last, our glassed roof verandas also allow you to sit back and stargaze in sheltered serenity long into the night.



Garden Rooms

For a garden seating area that offers genuine outdoor ambience with complete indoor comfort, our garden rooms are hard to beat.


The garden room range provides comprehensive protection against all weather conditions in an outdoor oasis that also acts as a serene indoor sanctuary.


With customisable glass walls for as much transparency or as much privacy as you want, the garden room offers all the sleek design of our verandas with the heightened protection of an enclosed homely extension.


Our garden rooms can also be implemented as a free-standing, detached structure elsewhere in your garden, allowing you to create a designated seating area that offers ample weather protection and outdoor atmosphere in abundance.

Garden Room



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