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Verandas are quickly becoming the one thing that every British homeowner wants in their garden. In a recent survey, we asked 400 people what they would most like to add to their outdoor spaces, and of the 16 available options, 'Veranda / Sheltered Area' was the most popular answer. That's right: it seems that verandas are now even more highly sought-after than hot tubs!


Demand for verandas and garden rooms has been through the roof since the UK locked down in response to the first wave of COVID-19 cases last spring. The government's 'stay at home' rules left many people seeking a way to enjoy a feeling of escape without leaving the house, and adding a veranda is a great way to create an outdoor sanctuary that's a world away from the chaos of the kitchen table that's now also a home working space. (Read our case study to find out how a couple from Salisbury overcame their remote working fatigue with the help of a SunSpaces veranda.)


Colourful garden veranda


Pictured: Aspire Glass Veranda


With so many Brits now adding verandas to their homes, you may be wondering what you can do to make your garden veranda stand out from the crowd. To that end, here are 5 quick veranda decor ideas from the SunSpaces team - we hope these tips will help to get your inspiration flowing!



1. Roof shades

Adding some shades to the roof of your veranda is a good way to stay cool on sunny summer days...but it's also a great way to add a bit of design flair to your outdoor space. Experiment with coloured fabrics and see what sort of atmosphere you can create!


2. Potted plants

Nothing brings a space to life like a bit of greenery. Dot some pots around the sheltered area to achieve a vibrant greenhouse feel under your veranda.


3. Upcycled furniture

The back porch is an excellent place to show off your upcycling skills! You can create all sorts of fab outdoor furnishings from common household items that have outlived their original purpose. How about displaying some flowers on an old step ladder, or repainting some worn-out wooden chairs to create a shabby chic outdoor seating area?


4. Outdoor lighting

Why head indoors after sunset? Adding some lights to your back porch enables you to continue enjoying your veranda after dark. You can never go wrong with a string of twinkly fairy lights, but if you want something a bit more unique, there are all sorts of elegant garden lamps and other outdoor lighting products on the market these days. You're sure to find something illuminating!


5. Garden-friendly rugs

Want your garden to feel as cosy as your living room? Many shops now sell outdoor rugs that are specifically designed for porches and patios. Choose a design that suits your tastes and place your rug in a strategic spot to add that extra bit of warmth and visual appeal.


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