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how to clean your awning


Here at SunSpaces, we offer a wide range of garden awnings that can be fitted to the outside of your home to provide temporary shelter! Lots of clients prefer awnings over glass rooms and verandas because they offer a bit more flexibility.


All of our awnings are electrically operated and fully-retractable, this means you can create a covered space in your garden at the touch of a button and quickly roll it away when it's no longer needed. Awnings are a great option if you have a small garden, or if you already have a garden deck or patio installed and don't want to obstruct your garden space.

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All of our awnings are fitted with UV-resistant fabric that's available in over 250 different styles and patterns, giving homeowners the opportunity to customise their awning to suit their home exactly. We've seen people choose very modern and minimal designs, but we've also seen people choose bold, bright colours to add a playful element to their outdoor space. The options are almost endless.


Cleaning Your Awning

Awnings are often used as protection from inclement weather, and while you may think a heavy rain shower would keep them clean, this isn't always the case. When in use, awnings can become dirty and if they're rolled away over and over again, the dirt can spread and cause your entire awning to lose its appeal. Don't worry, if your awning is due a clean we can help! Follow these steps and we'll help you make your awning look as good as new again.


1. Prepare a bucket of warm soapy water. Washing up liquid, a mild laundry detergent works well.


2. Get a clean cloth nice and soapy and wipe over the awning. This should lift most surface dirt away effectively.


3. If you find that there are tough bits of dirt (or even stains) that the cloth can't lift away, we'd recommend using an awning shampoo. These are designed to penetrate deeper into the fabric.


4. Once the awning is soapy, take your garden hose and use it to rinse the fabric. We do not recommend using a pressure washer/jet wash under any circumstances. This will strip the awning of its protective coating which can lead to dirt/dust ingress. Over time, this would leave your awning looking dull and stained!


5. Happy that your awning is clean? Great! All you need to do now is leave your awning open to air dry before retracting it again.


Tip: Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, this will strip the awning fabric of its protective coating and will make the colour/design fade over time. 


As you can see, cleaning your awning is a fairly simple job! If you'd like to add a retractable awning to your home, get in touch with the SunSpaces team today - 01727 845 788.

A retractable awning is a great option for homeowners who aren't ready to commit to a permanent outdoor structure yet. Attached to the side of your home, a retractable awning is used to provide shade and rain cover when it's needed but can be folded away, when it's not.


The beauty of this is that you get all the benefits of a covered area without giving up any garden space to a sunroom. We often find that clients with smaller gardens favour our retractable awnings for this very reason!


Retractable Awnings from SunSpaces

Here at SunSpaces, we offer a selection of retractable awnings that are designed with style and usability in mind. We know that no two homes are the same, and while one family might opt for a big, bold awning to add a pop of colour to their outdoor space, another might prefer a sleek, understated look.


Either way, we wanted to provide a range of easy-to-customise retractable awnings so that you can find something that suits your needs exactly. Take a closer look at our retractable awning ranges, and get in touch to start the ball rolling on your garden project.


compact awning

Compact Retractable Awnings

Our compact awnings are designed with the ultimate streamlined finish in mind. These awnings are made of lightweight aluminium and compact enough that they can be installed just about anywhere.


The entire awning folds neatly away into a U-shaped front profile so that it doesn't disrupt the beauty of your outdoor space at all. It features a thin, yet durable, UV-resistant fabric which comes in over 250+ different colours and patterns, so you're sure to find one you love!


Key Features:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Remote control operated

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lite awning

Lite Retractable Awnings

If you're looking for a retractable awning that will help you make the most of the autumn/winter evenings, our Lite Awning is the way to go! With stunning built-in LED's, this retractable awning will have you enjoying your garden long after the sun's gone down.


Everything can be controlled at the touch of a button using your handy remote control, so, if you want to lay back and look at the stars, you won't need to get up out of your seat to operate the awning by hand.


As with all our retractable awnings, the lite awning can be customised to fit your home exactly - (max 4m by 7.1m). 


Key Features:

  • LED lights
  • Folding arms
  • UV resistant fabric

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Elite awning

Elite Retractable Awning

Our third and final retractable awning is the elite awning, designed with style and durability in mind. The Elite awning features strong retractable arms, customisable UV-resistant fabric and can be accessorised with our lights and heaters to create a comfortable space. 


To ensure maximum strength, choose our optional streamlined profile. This helps make sure your Elite retractable awning sits flush against your home and will help rainwater drain away easily.


Key Features:

  • Strong retractable arms
  • Wireless remote control
  • Customisable dimensions

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All of our retractable awnings come with an incredible 5-year warranty, wireless control and customisable options. So, now you know what a retractable awning is, let us transform your garden. 

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