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make the most of your garden for spring


Warmer mornings and lighter nights mean we can spend more time out in the garden, enjoying the fresh air and taking in the view. Whether you're someone who likes to enjoy a coffee and breakfast in the garden or a social butterfly who likes to host garden parties in the evening, spring is undoubtedly a time to look forward to. Today we're going to look at a few things you can do in order to make the most of your garden this spring. From planting flowers to installing a garden room from SunSpaces, there are so many improvements you can make for the months ahead. Let's get into it.


spring flowers


(Image from Pixabay)

Add colour with plants & flowers

One of the best ways to make the most of your garden this spring is to fill it with a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. Spring is all about celebrating new life, and there's nothing more joyous than watching the snowdrops, daffodils, and tulips making an appearance. If you're not someone who's spent a lot of time gardening before, there are a few plants that you might find easy enough to care for, for example, snowdrops (pictured above), daffodils, pansies, and marigolds.


If you're willing to plant them around the garden (rather than in pots), the hardest part is usually picking the perfect spot. After that, the flowers should do a lot of the work themselves! Planting bulbs is a great way to bring colour to your garden year after year because the bulbs will multiply and flower annually. 



(Panorama Garden Room pictured)

Install a covered seating area

 Making the most of your garden in spring can be a little challenging - especially when it comes to British weather. If you want to avoid being caught short in a shower, we highly recommend investing in a covered seating area. These spaces are great not only for you but for your guests when they come to visit. There's nothing worse than a family BBQ being rained off unexpectedly - but with a covered seating area, you won't need to worry. The festivities can continue and you'll all stay warm and dry. 


Here at SunSpaces, we offer two different options - garden rooms or verandas - depending on your needs. Verandas are ideal if you want a completely open garden structure that will really help you maximise the feeling of being in the garden, but with enough coverage to keep you dry whatever the weather. In comparison, our garden rooms offer a bit more coverage. They boast a modern look and walls/doors on all sides to provide protection from the elements. Take a look at our different garden rooms and verandas using the buttons below.


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Treat your lawn

Our lawns always end up looking a bit disheveled as we come out of the winter months. It can't be helped really, the harsh conditions can cause all kinds of problems, from sparse patches to lawn fungus. These lawn problems can really make your lawn look unwell, which is not ideal if you're planning to make the most of your garden this spring!


Don't worry though, there are a lot of experienced lawn companies out there who will happily assess and treat your lawn to make it look luscious, green, and healthy again. Alternatively, you can explore some lawn care treatments and give them a go yourself. Certain things like, giving your lawn a good cut, aerating the soil, and sprinkling down new grass seed, are fairly simple and inexpensive to do. Taking a bit of time to care for your lawn as we go into spring, will help it become well-established before the more challenging summer months. 


So, if you've been wondering how you can make the most of your garden this spring, we hope this helps! As always, if you have any questions about our garden rooms or verandas, be sure to get in touch with the SunSpaces team. We're always on hand to help you make the right decision for your home. 


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