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Verandas are a great addition to any outdoor space; not only do they breathe new life into your area, but they also give you additional space for a variety of different activities.


Verandas are versatile spaces that can be used for a number of different activities; whether you want an outdoor dining space or a tranquil area to read and enjoy the good weather (when we have it), a veranda can be the right option for you.


Verandas are a popular project for those looking to create extra space within their property. This is in part due to their versatility, and the fact that - unlike traditional extensions - most verandas don’t require planning permission.


Veranda Size Options:

SunSpaces offer a wide variety of different verandas, each with different dimension options, with lengths ranging from 2m up to 20m and a maximum depth of 5m across the board. Different verandas also come in different colours, roof styles, and spans between posts. No matter what aesthetic or size you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone!

Aspire Veranda

  • Maximum Depth of 5m
  • Width between 2m – 15m
  • Max span between posts is 5m

Aspire+ Veranda

  • Maximum Depth of 5m
  • Width between 3m – 15m
  • Max span between posts is 7m

Avant-Garde Veranda

  • Maximum Depth of 5m
  • Width between 3m – 15m
  • Max span between posts is 7m

Ultra Veranda

  • Maximum Depth of 5m
  • Width between 4m – 20m
  • Max span between posts is 7m


To answer the question ‘how big can my veranda be?’, depending on which veranda you select you can build a veranda as long as 20m with a maximum depth of 5m.


If you’d like a closer look at the detailed specifications of the different verandas offered by SunSpaces, they have a lot of useful information on their website.


Verandas Comparison



There are a wide variety of different verandas available with varying depths, lengths, colours, roof styles, and more. Sunspaces offer bespoke design and installation services, so if you’re looking for something unique, they can help you out.


If you’re looking to get something installed a little sooner, sunspaces also keep a number of standard veranda sizes in stock that can be with you and ready to install in as little as 4 weeks! To take a look at some of the options available, click the link below.


4 Week Veranda Installation


If you’d like to talk to a member of our first-class customer service team to find out more about the range of different verandas available, reach out and contact us today. We'll answer any questions you may have and help you find the right veranda for your property. 


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