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With summer finally here, there’s no better time to be out in your garden enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. SunSpaces are diverse garden areas that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, come rain or shine.


If you’re looking for some inspiration as to how you can decorate your SunSpace, look no further! We’ve gathered our favourite pieces of garden furniture from some fantastic UK based businesses. No matter what aesthetic you’re decorating your SunSpace in, you’re bound to find something suited to you!


Take a minute to browse our collection of stunning garden furniture - who knows, one might just be the perfect fit for your SunSpace!


Top 5 Furniture Pieces for Your Garden Room


1) Chunky Outdoor Dining Table


rustic outdoor pine dining table


The Bespoke Carpentry Co offer a range of versatile outdoor seating and tables perfect for any outdoor space. One of our favourites is this Chunky Outdoor Dining Table - the solid reclaimed wood tabletop rests elegantly upon handmade steel legs in a minimalistic and rustic manner. They also provide bespoke benches and/or chairs that can be made to match the exact measurements of your table.


Chunky Outdoor Wooden Dining Table


2) High Back Wooden Love Seat


handmade conjoined wooden love seat positioned in garden


If you’re looking to spend a bit of quality time with a loved one in your SunSpace, a seat like the High Back Relaxing Duo Set from Custom Creations is a fantastic option! The design of the conjoined seats gives you the option to look out across your garden, whilst also making it easy to turn and talk to your companion.


Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, this stunning redwood twin seat is the perfect piece of furniture to make your SunSpace stand out from other garden rooms.

High Back Relaxing Duo Set


3) Rustic Planter 


large rectangular garden planter


Adding a planter like this Wylam Solid Oak Trough from Funky Chunky Furniture Co. is a great way to add a splash of life to your SunSpace. Plants are a great way to liven up any space, and being available in dark slate or sage green means that you can select a colour scheme best suited to your sunroom.


Funky Chunky Furniture Co. offer a wide range of outdoor furniture and accessories - click the link below to take a look at the selection available.

Browse Outdoor Furniture


 4) Luxury Manor Banqueting Table


large ten seater outdoor banqueting table


Tables are one of the most diverse and useful pieces of furniture you can have in your SunSpace – that’s why we’ve included two on our list. If you’re interested in an outdoor table and pine isn’t suited to your tastes, how about this Scandinavian Redwood table?


Custom Creations offer a range of rustic outdoor dining sets that are the perfect addition to any SunSpace. Whether it's for dining, hosting, or even just reading or chatting, you can do it at this table.

Luxury Manor Banqueting Set


5) Roofed Bar


outdoor corner bar with food and bar stools in garden


If you’re looking to decorate your SunSpace with something a bit more exciting, then this roofed bar from Sawdust Group is definitely the way to go!


The Roofed Bar is available in a wide range of different colours, so no matter what style of SunSpace you have, you can select a style that suits your aesthetic. Roofed Bars are a great way to help convert your SunSpace into an area perfect for hosting and socialising. The entrance to the bar can be assigned upon delivery, so you can place it anywhere in your SunSpace that you decide.

Roofed Bars



Furniture is one of the best ways you can personalise your SunSpace, and really make your new outdoor living space your own.


If you have any questions about furnishing your SunSpace, or about any of our verandas and garden rooms for that matter, reach out and contact us today. A member of our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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