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Everything you need to know about our gorgeous Garden Rooms!

We think that our Garden Rooms largely speak for themselves; easy to build and even easier on the eyes, they make a wonderful addition to any property and enable you to spend much more time in your outdoor living space.
However, we appreciate that you may have a few questions to ask before you commit to purchasing a Garden Room of your own, and we'd like to do whatever we can to answer them and put your mind at ease. To that end, here are the answers to some the questions we're always being asked...
Q: What is a garden room?
A: A garden room is an outdoor structure that can be either be built against the outer wall of your property or detached as a standalone feature. Our garden rooms are available with either sliding walls or fixed panels; either way, your garden room will allow you to get a lot more from your outdoor space, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable even when the weather is bad.
SunSpaces garden rooms
Examples of our garden rooms
Q: What's the difference between a garden room and a veranda?
A: Simply put, a garden room has walls/windows while a veranda is open-sided. Click below to learn more about our verandas.
Q: Can I install a SunSpaces Garden Room myself?
A: Yes! Our Garden Rooms come with instructional DVDs and clear assembly guidelines, so you should find it easy to construct your new extension without any professional help. However, we do have an in-house installation team who will be more than happy to do the work for you if that's what you'd prefer.
Q: Do I need planning permission for a garden room?
A: No, except in certain circumstances. As a general rule, planning permission is only required if you live in a conservation area or listed building, or if your garden room would cross a property border. You may wish to check with your local planning authority before purchasing a garden room, just to make sure.
Q: What sizes are available?
A: Our Garden Rooms come in a number of 'standard' sizes, but we can provide bespoke solutions if your project goes beyond our usual dimensions. Feel free to contact us below for further details.
Q: What colours do SunSpaces offer?
A: We offer three colours as standard: Graphite Grey, Cream, and White. A wide range of alternative RAL colours are available for a small additional charge.
Q: How much does a Garden Room cost?
A: This depends on the size of your garden room, as well as on several other variables. Email to get a free, no-obligation quotation for your extension.
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