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It is often said that your home is your castle, and when it comes to castles, bigger is better! It seems that people are always looking for new ways to make more space in their home, whether it's by redecorating and revamping their current spaces or by creating more through adding an extension.


Extensions are a very traditional for expanding the floorspace of a property, and you might even think that it is the only possible avenue. Whilst extensions might be the most well-known solution, are they the best?


Traditional house extensions - whilst a tried and tested option - can be cumbersome, long-winded, and complicated to get approval for. The excitement of having new space added to your home can very quickly get overshadowed by all of the red tape that comes with extensions, with the appropriate permissions being somewhat difficult to get, and taking a minimum of 12 weeks at that!


Not everyone has the time or patience to go through this arduous process, which often leads people to ask ‘is it possible to get a house extension without planning permission?’


For the most part: no, it’s not possible to get a house extension without planning permission. There are certain steps you can take when planning an extension to avoid having to apply for planning permission, but a lot of these steps massively restrict how far, how tall, and what areas of your space you can use for your extension. They can even limit what materials are used in construction, and what types of cladding you use! These restrictions are very limiting, and so for a large number of traditional extension projects, planning permission is a requirement.



How Can I Expand My Living Space Without Planning Permission?

If you’re looking to expand your living space and don’t want to incur the planning permission, time, and costs that come with a traditional extension project, you may want to explore the option of installing a garden room instead.


Unlike extensions, with a vast majority of garden rooms you don’t need planning permission, and they’re significantly less expensive than extensions. They can be used all year round for all manner of different purposes. Whether you’re looking for a new office space, a gym, a gaming room, or a hosting space, a garden room may be the right choice for you!


To find out more information about planning permissions and regulations, take a look at the planning advice section of the SunSpaces website. Here you can find more information about what type of garden room and veranda projects might require planning permission, and what kind of services the SunSpaces team offers to help take some of that pressure off of your shoulders.


SunSpaces also offer installation services, so not only can they sell you a garden room, they can help you plan, design, and customise your project, take care of all of the necessary planning applications, and install it for you too!


Planning Advice   Installation Service


If you’re looking for a specific design for what your dream garden room will look like, our 3D Design service can provide you with a 3D model to show you exactly what your project will look like with all of your selected colours, designs, and dimensions. Click the link below to find out exactly what our 3D design service entails and how it may benefit you.


3D Design Services


SunSpaces has a wide variety of different services to help you visualise your dream space and bring it to life. Get a free, no obligation quote today!


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If you have any further questions about the services offered by SunSpaces or what type of options are available to you, reach out and contact us today. Our first-class team are always happy to help in anyway we can.

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