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Building a veranda


The SunSpaces installation team recently spent a few days in the East Midlands. They were there to construct an Ultra veranda for a customer in Rutland - the installation took approximately three days, and one of our installers, Mike, was taking photos and sending us regular updates throughout the project.


Day One

First of all, our installers had to get the veranda's post foundations in place. The photo below shows where the rear corners of the veranda will be.


Veranda post foundations


Mike's update: "Three post foundations in, one more to go. We also have two sections of the concrete level ring beam in place; we'll get the other two done and start getting the structure up tomorrow."


Day Two

It wasn't long before the veranda really began to take shape. The second day of construction saw the main structure go up, and our installers also laid the track for the sliding glass doors.


Veranda structure


Mike's update: "Main structure up, level ring beam in place, and the door track is also in. Tomorrow, we'll get the glass rails attached to the rafters and put the roof glass in."


Day Three

By the afternoon of the third day, our customer's new veranda was almost complete. The glass doors and roof were in place, meaning that the veranda could now be customised with the owner's choice of furnishings.


Finished veranda with glass doors and roof


Mike's update: "Three days' work in total for a team of three (with a little work left for tomorrow morning). It's a stunning building, measuring 4m by 4.4m."

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