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Summer house interior


When the hustle and bustle of homelife gets all too much, a designated outdoor dwelling can not only be a blessing, it can also provide the ultimate means of mental escape.


However, escapism can come in many different forms, depending on your general likes and dislikes. Personality and preference can go a long way in determining just which summer house décor is the one for you.


In addition to that, situational factors can also affect and influence your choice of garden dwelling, as can the personalities that reside under your roof.


With so many moving parts, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to planning your summer house interior.


To help get your garden dreams off the ground, here’s some inspired ideas for your summer house décor.


Types of summer house interiors


While it’s easy to assume that a summer house has to resemble a woody room, decked out in natural timber or decorated in beachy colours, that is merely scratching the surface of what your summer house can be.


The choice of interior can truly revolutionise what your summer house is and make it so much more than a simple seaside chalet in your back garden. If you’re after food for thought, feast on these innovative suggestions below.


Garden Retreat


When the weather is good, the garden can provide the perfect location for destressing and mental respite.


But why limit this recreational relief to when the weather allows? Switch off from the stresses of the world whenever you please with your very own summery zen den.


In designing this outdoor oasis, it’s important to create a room that is exponentially different from your house. Start by accentuating the organic element of being outdoors by including naturistic materials and colours.


Wicker furniture adorned with light coloured cushions is a great way to establish this distinction. Meanwhile, accessorising with subtle greens, mixed with flowery shades of colour, can really help create a soothing colour scheme that is both relaxing and reflective of your outdoor environment.


Home Office


Bringing work home with you can be an unavoidable burden at times and an accepted part of many 21st century jobs. However, finding a quiet space that allows you to do these tasks undistracted and attentively can be frustratingly difficult, particularly if you have young children or a noisy household.


Rechristening your summer house to a home office can be the perfect solution to this problem, providing peace and tranquillity for the ideal working environment.


Meanwhile, the natural setting can also provide a stress-relieving effect, which can be enhanced further by a plain white décor with plenty of natural light and airflow.


A mix of modern furniture with traditional office supplies can help create a space that’s both stylish and practical, providing a welcome space that makes working from home a breeze.


Home Gym


A luxury many Brits would love to have on-site at their property, a home gym can provide the ideal solution for those looking to achieve their fitness goals. After all, it’s hard to justify skipping the gym when it’s a stone’s throw away!


Whether it’s a minimalistic yoga studio or your own personal spin cycling classroom, a designated room on your property dedicated to fitness can be healthy for both mind and body. White interiors are commonplace for home gyms, providing an energetic atmosphere, but natural wood can be just as effective.


If you plan on incorporating heavy weights into your gym equipment, you may want to invest in protective flooring mats. Rubber jig-saw tiles are the perfect solution, providing functional protection and a professional appearance at the same time.


Similarly, sturdy lifting platforms that can withstand impact may also be advisable if you foresee yourself dropping plates and putting weights down with force. The last thing you want for your new garden gym is fresh, man-made potholes in the floor.


For heavy barbells, protection could even come in the form of something simple like used tyres, provided they reduce the impact and protect the floor. This can also give your weight room a cool industrial vibe for a raw and gritty feel.


Party Pad


Whether you want to create a boozy lad pad or a feminine lady lair, the humble summer house can quickly become the perfect location for Friday night fun.


To achieve this, accessorising is key. A bar is naturally the first step for most social butterflies (or social barflies) and an essential attribute for any self-respecting party pad.


Next up is atmosphere and there’s no better way to set the scene than with a fitting soundtrack, so sound system is key.


That’s being said, if you plan on playing music, sound-proofing is probably worthwhile too. A noise complaint from the neighbours could put the brakes on your fun in a flash.


As for décor, it depends largely on the taste of the dweller. Girly girls may want to adorn the walls with bright colours such as hot pink to turn their summer house into a girly getaway that Barbie herself would be proud of.


Meanwhile, for something a little more subtle, neutral colours will work just as well, while the stained wood-look can help recreate a traditional pub-like ambience with ease.


Play House


If you have young children and don’t happen to have a playroom in your house, creating a specific space for just that can quite literally bring a child’s dream to life.


Children’s furniture is a great way to set the scene immediately, while a play rug can add another playful element that’s both simple and effective. Meanwhile, creamy whites and pastel colours can create a cosy environment that is comfortingly kid-friendly.


Even for older children, this can be a fantastic addition to your garden, providing a peaceful place for them to read and relax or play with friends.


That being said, as this is an environment aimed at children, it’s important to ensure it’s safe and fit for purpose. Rough, un-sanded boards can be a hotbed for splinters, so ensure all surfaces are finished to a kid-friendly standard before you unleash your youngster.


Teen Escape


Speaking of kid-friendly space, let’s not forget that your summer house can also provide a home for your teenage off-spring as well.


Besides, what better way to avoid the furious wrath of a teen meltdown than by creating a personal space that’s exclusive to just them?


Throw in some bean bags and comfy furniture and you have yourself the ultimate adolescent residence for your teens to escape to.


In addition to providing them with their own space, it also frees up the house for you to enjoy some peace and quiet that’s free of hormonal rants and pubescent moods.


Sports Centre


When it comes to sport, it can often be a polarising subject – especially in properties that house numerous individual personalities with a variety of preferences.


If you really want to enhance the sport-centric atmosphere, why not add an element of interaction? A pool or foosball table could do just that, while a pinball machine or dart board can also provide an interactive sporting element while saving space at the same time.


If that isn’t ample food for thought, we don’t know what is! For more information on transforming your outdoor space, give us a call on 0800 085 8110 or click the button below to get in touch online.

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For many Brits, the garden represents the perfect place for relaxation, recharging and overall R&R.


When the weather is great and the sun has its working boots on, there’s nothing quite like kicking back and chilling out in the airy goodness of your own outdoor space.


However, for those that like to take things one step further, there are ways to make your garden a true temple of tranquillity.


Two words: outdoor spa.


If you love relaxing in your garden and don’t have space in your house for additional luxuries, what better way to let off some steam than with a spa in your garden?


Soak up the possibilities and warm up to the idea of your very own property paradise as we slide into the toasty waters of Garden Spa 101.


garden spa,outdoor spa,home spa


How do I create a garden spa?

If you’re looking to create a home spa in your garden, there are a few things to consider before you jump in at the deep end.


Site for sauna

The perfect location for relaxation is an area that acts as a suntrap but also offers privacy. While those two descriptions seemingly don’t go hand-in-hand, there are ways to achieve both with surprising ease.


Hedgerows, trellis and fencing can act as a decent border, allowing for ample sunlight while also shielding your outdoor oasis from prying eyes. However, for the ultimate in garden spa seclusion, nothing compares to a veranda or a garden room.


Both offer great solutions in terms of functionality and privacy: verandas offer an abundance of natural airflow ideal for hot summer days, while garden rooms provide protection in the event that the weather isn’t quite California hot.


Verandas are perhaps the better choice for summertime enjoyment, providing the complete outdoor experience without the drawbacks of being completely open-air; however, if you’re looking to make the most of your spa year-round a garden room may just tip the scales.


On the surface

Like any good house or relationship, the foundation of your garden spa can prove to be make or break, particularly if it’s not fit for purpose.


For a garden spa, that means water-proof decking, slip-resistant tiles and generally ensuring your surfaces are skid-safe. This is one area where it pays to invest and a top-quality tile or deluxe deck board can make all the difference in both style and substance.


Let there be light

Once you’ve picked the site, decided on the shelter that’s right for your and landed on your chosen surface, it’s time to tie up the loose ends in a beautiful bow of pampery goodness.


One of the main things worth considering once you’ve checked off the main boxes above is how you plan on lighting your space. After all, the sun has to go down at some point, so why limit your enjoyment hours to the daytime?


There is a cornucopia of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting, from built-in LED lights within your outdoor space to eco-friendly solutions like strategically placed solar-powered planters.


Effective lighting can turn your garden spa into a place of enjoyment that’s equally as inviting after sundown as it is during the height of the day.


Complete your outdoor oasis

You may also want to add additional accessories to fully furnish your outdoor feature and make your home spa truly complete. Our SunSpaces verandas and garden rooms can be fitted with a variety of features to help ensure your outdoor spa is just that – yours.


From sliding frosted-glass doors and UV-protecting shades to remote-controlled blinds and retractable roofs, we offer a number of customisable options to make your outdoor spa as private, comfortable and bespoke as possible.


We even offer numerous heating options to ensure your SunSpaces spa area is just as comfortable outside the water as it is within it. These options even include heater/sound system combos with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to truly relax and unwind in a space that’s music to your ears.


Do I need planning permission for a garden spa?

Most hot tubs and spas do not require planning permission; however, you may need planning permission to build a large enclosure to house one. This is particularly prevalent when it comes large outbuildings that take up over half of the garden.


While it is unlikely you will need planning permission for a SunSpaces product, forging ahead without doing your homework could get you in hot water of a different kind, so it may be worth dropping your local authority a line, just in case.


To find out more about planning permission, check out our planning permission blog for further details.


For more information on outdoor spas and hot tubs in your garden, click here to see our various options and real-life examples of our work. To talk more about making your spa dreams a reality, drop us a line on 0800 085 8110 or hit the button below to get in touch now.

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When it comes to personal space in the home, many men throughout the western world like nothing more than to retreat to the comfort of their man cave for solitude, sport and a sly beer.


Yes, the secluded sanctuary of the man-cave makes it the perfect venue for us blokes to disappear into a state of stereotypical bliss and enjoy some occasional alone time.


For some cave-dwellers, a PS4 and a gaming chair may be their idea of sequestered bliss. For others, a newspaper and a deck chair may suffice just as well. Luckily, the man-cave doesn’t discriminate.


Right, enough jibber-jabber. Let’s light a flaming torch and take a peek inside the inner workings of the Eighth Wonder of the World that is the man-cave.


garden man cave


Types of man-caves

Before we go any further and risk being labelled as misogynistic chauvinists, let’s make one thing clear: despite the name “man-cave”, that doesn’t mean ladies have to be excluded from the festivities either – this is the 21st century, after all.


A man-cave can just as easily become a girly grotto, she-shed or lady lair with a few subtle tweaks or perhaps even no tweaks at all. The versatility of the man-cave goes beyond gender, age and nationality, making it perfectly adaptable to all tastes and personalities.


From carpentry workshops and art studios to garage gymnasiums and music rooms, the awesomeness of the man-cave knows no boundaries. You could even turn your personal space into your own make-shift bar!


Building a garden man-cave

While it’s easy to let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of what you could do with an extra room to manoeuvre, there is one notable catch - building a man-cave can be a mammoth task.


Before anything else, man-cave prep requires a lot of groundwork (literally), not to mention a colossal amount of construction. And all of that is before you’ve even thought about making your man-cave inhabitable with fixtures and furnishings.


If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s probably because it is. Overall, from start to finish, building your own man-cave from scratch is quite the undertaking, with enough labour to make Tommy Walsh cry uncle.


Luckily, for those without the time, patience or inclination to build their own, there is an easier way…



SunSpaces man-caves

Why not create the ultimate garden man-cave with the help of SunSpaces?


With a SunSpaces garden room, our team of expert outdoor aficionados can help bring the ultimate man-cave structure to your property, providing a professional finish that stuns and wows in equal measure.


Best of all, you won’t even need to lift a finger. Simply choose the structure you want, decide when you want it and, hey presto, you could be the proud owner of the coolest man-cave in town!


Garden man-cave options

If you do decide to go down the SunSpaces route, congratulations on an excellent decision! Next up is your second decision to make, this time regarding where your want your man-cave to sit in your garden.


There are two primary options to think about before anything else, which are as follows.


Attached Garden Room

The most common garden room option is the attached garden room that acts as an extension on to your house. Accessible immediately from your interior living space, the attached option allows you to roam freely from your home to your garden room without stepping out into the elements.


A great option for those looking to avoid the wind, rain and snow, an attached garden room provides you with an additional room without making it independent from your existing living space. While this can make it less private in terms of man-cave capacity, it does make it a lot easy as far as accessibility goes.


Free Standing / Detached

Independent from the rest of the house, our free-standing garden room option allows you to create a detached yet enclosed space that ticks all the boxes.


Private and separate from your main property, this option is much like a typical shed; however, it comes with a laundry list of perks that are night and day when compared with a simple shed.


Comfortable, bespoke and homely, this option is a great way to expand on your living space without extending on to your house.


Benefits of a SunSpaces man-cave

From remote-controlled blinds and UV protection shades to toasty heating and Bluetooth enabled sound systems, our SunSpaces man-caves can be as homely as you want them to be. Even after the sun goes down, our LED lighting options can keep your garden man-cave illuminated long into the evening hours.


With a variety of colours, styles and materials to choose from, we can make your man-cave specifically to fit your wants, needs and specifications. We have the ability to create and customise every SunSpace to ensure that it’s perfect for you and your individual needs.


When it comes to creating man-cave fit for a king, SunSpaces is the premier choice. Find out more by calling 0800 085 8110 today or hit the button below to drop us a line now.

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pool house


A swimming pool can be the most relaxing and refreshing outdoor living features in your garden during the warm summer months, and while openly lounging by the pool is great - you might want to create a little bit more privacy and shade.


Why not complement your pool with a gorgeous and practical pool house from SunSpaces? Our garden rooms and verandas can be tailor-made to fulfil your pool house dreams, simply choose one of our garden structures and we'll help you alter and adapt the design to suit your exacting requirements. 

Side Panel and Roof Options

pool room


One thing that makes our SunSpace garden rooms and verandas perfect pool houses is the different side panels and roofing options we offer. The remote-controlled fabric side screens and our aluminium blade system available for our Horizon garden rooms give you the flexibility to create a private space to get changed in, but can also be adjusted to allow in plenty of sunshine when you're ready to dry off in the sun!


poolside house


Having the flexibility to choose how your pool house is constructed really does allow you to transform it into whatever kind of space you desire. Whether you plan to spend summer relaxing in the shade with a good book or hosting bustling poolside parties, a SunSpace pool room offers endless possibilities.


We want to make sure you can make the most of your pool house, night and day! That's why we offer a range of versatile accessories that will fit effortlessly into any of our garden rooms or verandas.


Heaters & Speakers

Our selection of heaters will not only help you dry off quickly after a swim, but they'll also allow you to make the most of your new pool house during cooler periods. What's more, our heaters can even help you eliminate the need for extension cables or portable speakers.


The heater you see above has Bluetooth speakers integrated into it! Connect your mobile device and create whatever poolside atmosphere your heart desires. With our versatile heater/sound systems, your pool party will be the hottest place in town!


Are you ready to improve your poolside? Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your options and arrange a consultation - we can't wait to hear from you! Call 0800 085 8110 or email us at today.

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At SunSpaces, we know that every customer has different needs for their garden. So, we do our best to provide the perfect awning for every type of outdoor space. We offer a wide range of retractable garden awnings so you are guaranteed to find the ideal shelter to suit your outdoor space needs.


Our retractable awnings allow you to enjoy a perfect day in your garden. At a push of a button, you can enjoy the shade when you most need it or easily retract it to enjoy the sunshine.

Forget the awnings of yesteryear with manual pulleys for opening and closing, our advanced awnings incorporate features such as automatic sensors, outdoor heaters, LED lights and electronic remote controls. Therefore, your awning can be perfectly tailored to your taste and you can enjoy heat and lighting as and when you require it.


Compact Awnings

Our Compact awning is an entirely retractable awning that is controlled using an electronic remote. When not in use, you retract it quickly and quietly - perfect for every outdoor living space!



The awning frames are available in several different sizes with bespoke colours available upon request. They also incorporate integrated gutter systems and water outlets which prevents water from building up on rainy days. 


Our Compact Awnings are also wind resistant, so you can be sure they won't flutter or break even on the windiest days. Compact Awnings are made of durable materials and come with an incredible 5-year warranty.


Take a closer look at our Compact Awnings here:

Compact Awnings >


Lite Awnings

Our Lite Awnings have LED lights that can be dimmed during sunny days and adjusted to suit the mood when the sun goes down. You can create a customized look for your outdoor space by selecting the colour and pattern of the fabric, and the size that suits you.



Our Lite garden awnings are electronically retractable using a remote control or through an intelligent motor system that responds to weather changes. The motor can be controlled using an app installed on your phone, making this awning one of the most versatile that we offer!


To find out more about our Lite Awnings, click here:

Lite Awnings >

Elite Awnings

Our Elite Garden Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. They are wind resistant hence very durable. It comes with a 5-year guarantee thus gives you value for your money.



We have utilised the latest garden awning technology to ensure that our Elite Awnings are perfect for your outdoor space. They are made from a UV-resistant fabric that offers protection from direct sunlight. They're also available in a wide range of fabric colour and you can customise your awning by including a heater or lights. Therefore, depending on your specific needs, we can provide the Elite garden awning that will meet your specifications.

This deluxe option is sure to help you make the most of your patio or deck all year round. To find out more, click here:

Elite Awnings >


If you have any questions about the different kinds of Awnings that we have to offer, don't hesitate to contact us by calling 0800 085 8110 or send us an email at