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When considering an attractive and practical addition to the home, a veranda should be the first thing that comes to mind!

Our Outlook Veranda is extremely versatile , no matter how quickly the weather changes, you can get the best of it by popping out into the garden to do some work when the sun comes out and then getting instantly under cover at the first drops of rain. Outlook verandas 1, British weather 0.



Next, you can use a veranda for lounging, hosting parties or dining. Conveniently, you can leave your garden lounger or alfresco dining table outside for longer, or even all year round. Anything you’d like to add, British summertime? Thought not. 

And when the sun has finally got his hat on, you can make your veranda a shady spot with the addition of fabric blinds.. 

Getting a little chilly as the sun tips his hat in farewell? Outlook verandas have that covered too, with a range of heaters to suit the space. In fact, if you want to switch to LED lights, warmth and music for a summer evening party as the sun goes down, the Outlook’s innovative Heat and Beat system combines a heater and a stereo, both controllable via a remote or an app. 


A veranda is so easily installed. Available in a range of colours to complement many styles of architecture, Outlook Verandas are robust and easily maintained. There’s a range of standard or bespoke options as well. 


Finally, with an Outlook Veranda, you lose none of the view and can really make the most of your outdoor space. They are one of the most simple and effective ways to enhance open air living whatever the weather.



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