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Here at SunSpaces, we know that a sunroom is an asset to any home – that’s why we’re so dedicated to providing an excellent service for our customers. All of our sunrooms are of exceptional quality, and our installation services are rapid without compromising quality.


There are different styles and functions of a sunroom; whether you’re looking for an extension for your home or a free-standing sunroom for your garden, there’s an option for you. But why should you be interested? What are the benefits of having a sunroom in your home?


Why Add a Sunroom to Your Home With SunSpaces?


One: More Space

Sunrooms function perfectly as family rooms or social spaces. Whether you’re looking to game, host, or dine, sunrooms give you the perfect amount of extra space. 


Two: Increase Property Value

By increasing the space in your home, you can expect the value of your home to go up by 4 - 6%. If you're someone who's interested in selling your home, having a sunroom in your home could be a massive benefit to you; your house will stand out from other houses to potential buyers and you'll be able to command a higher price. 


Three: Cost-Efficient

The costs of installing a sunroom are significantly less than that of conventional construction options. Similar projects such as conservatories and house extensions cost notably more than a SunSpace sunroom. Our sunrooms allow you to add space and value to your home without putting strain on your wallet. 


Four: No Planning Permission Required

Unlike conservatories or extensions, sunrooms usually do not require planning permission. Over 90% of our projects do not require planning permission which makes the process of getting that extra space you've always dreamed of so much more streamlined and efficient, opposed to alternative extension options. More information on planning permission regulations is available on our website, and feel free to take a look at this planning permission PDF guide.

PDF Guide


Five: Nationwide Installation

Here at SunSpaces, we provide nationwide installation. All of our trained installation professionals are highly qualified and provide a time-efficient, high-quality installation experience. So sit back, relax, and let our professionals take care of the pressure of installation.


Six: Increase Natural Light

Having a sunroom in your home allows for increased levels of natural light to fill and warm your home. Exposure to sunlight has been shown to stimulate the creation of vitamin D in your body, and studies have shown a direct correlation between sunlight exposure with mood and cognitive thinking.


Furthermore, the more natural light you have in your home the less need you have for your electric lighting, which in turn saves you money on your energy bill and reduces your carbon footprint.


Six great reasons to add a sunroom to your home! Looking for one more reason, or simply interested in finding out more? Want to know what sunroom options are available to you? Reach out and get a quote today!


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