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Garden room Halloween party


Halloween (31st October) is mere days away, which means that it's time for tricks, treats, and all sort of spooky fun!


If you have kids, then Halloween is a fantastic excuse for a fancy dress party - and a SunSpaces garden room is the perfect venue for it. Decorate your sunroom with pumpkins, candles and accessories to create an exquisitely eerie atmosphere!


Carving pumpkins for Halloween


Halloween party ideas

Once night has fallen on the 31st of October, you and the kids can go out to your garden room and celebrate Halloween in spine-tingling style. The darkened outdoor space that lies just beyond the sunroom's glass walls will make for suitably spooky surroundings while you have fun with...

  • Creepy costumes - Half the fun of Halloween is in dressing up. Vampires, zombies and werewolves are all classics, of course, and there are all sorts of famous characters who lend themselves to horrifying Halloween costumes. Use your imagination and see who can come up with the best outfit!

  • Pumpkin carving - The quintessential Halloween pastime! Pumpkin carving kits are available to help your children make two eyes and a fiendish smile, and if they feel like trying something a bit more unique, you'll find all sorts of creepy templates and stencils online.

  • Ghoulish games - There are all sorts of games you can play at a Halloween party. Kim's game is a popular one: place a variety of Halloween-themed objects on a tray, give the kids a moment to inspect them, then cover up the tray and take one item away. The winner is the first player to identify the missing object. Other favourites include apple bobbing, wink murder, and the doughnuts-on-a-string game, where participants try to eat dangling doughnuts without using their hands!

  • Sweet treats - What would Halloween be without sweets? Whether or not you go out trick-or-treating on the 31st of October, the evening won't be complete without a few treats, so be sure to stock up beforehand. Perhaps you can hand them out as prizes for all the party games you play!


Fancy dress Halloween party


However you're planning to spend this Halloween, have fun and stay safe!


SunSpaces garden rooms are perfect for spending quality time with your family at any time of year - be it Christmas, Easter, the summer holidays, or indeed Halloween. Use the buttons below to explore our range or request a quote for your very own glass extension!

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