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Outdoor SunSpaces News

The Panorama sunroom is an affordable, practical and beautiful option if you're looking to upgrade your outdoor environment. We were lucky enough to install one of these beautiful spaces at a property in Monmouth. 


Model: Panorama 

Dimensions: 7.72m x 2.29m

Colour: Anthracite Grey

Roof: Glass

Additions: Sliding doors



With added sliding doors at the front of the sunroom, we managed to create a wonderfully liminal space between the inside and outside of the property. 


As our customer wanted to enjoy his sunroom in all seasons, the option of sliding doors allows for more adaptability, meaning our customer can use his sunroom whenever he wants without having to worry about the fickle UK weather. Also, its aluminium frame and 10mm thick safety glass does wonders for the Panorama sunroom's stability and security.




Our installers are experts in constructing all of our SunSpaces products - and they definitely had a great time working on this installation - rain or shine!



Why choose a SunSpaces sunroom?

Our stylish designs make a spectacular addition to any property by creating a sleek transition between your home and garden. 


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