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modern garden room


It's the perfect time to get yourself a modern garden room. With a wide range of styles and colour options available, there truly is a garden room out there for everyone - you just need to take your pick!


No matter what your home's aesthetic is, modern garden rooms are incredibly adaptable depending on your stylistic needs and purposes. Take a look at our range of modern garden rooms and see for yourself...


1. Panorama

The modern garden room for style and beauty. 

panorama modern garden room


The Panorama Modern Garden Room is one of our most affordable garden rooms. It's sleek, sturdy and practical in every sense. 

It's also available in 3 different designs so you can adapt your modern garden room to your exact design preferences.

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2. Vogue

The modern garden room with a sliding roof.

vogue modern garden room


Chic and practical, the Vogue Garden Room has it all. The main appeal of the Vogue Garden Room is its optional sliding roof system.

When the weather gets brighter and the days get longer, you can spend an afternoon basking in the sun in your own modern garden room. 

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3. Prestige

The modern garden room for tailored customisation.

prestige modern garden room


When you invest in a modern garden room, you'll obviously want to personalise it and make it your own safe haven!

The Prestige Garden Room has 2 optional roof styles to fit in with your home's aesthetic and exterior style. And, it gets better - there are also 4 different colour options to choose from.

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4. Vista

The modern garden room for a minimalist design.

vista modern garden room


If you're looking for a modern garden room, the Vista's minimalist style is the perfect pick for you. With its sleek and simplistic design, the Vista Garden Room oozes class, style and practicality.


This modern garden room can either have a 5cm or an extended 22cm deep square/round edge overhang cover. If you choose the latter, you can even deck your new garden room out in LED strip lighting.

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For more information about any of our modern garden rooms, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist you.