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Over recent years, more and more households up and down the country have added a sunroom to their property with the aim of combining their outdoor space with the indoors. As well as this, sunrooms bring a host of other fantastic benefits such as providing extra space and adding greater value to your property. For these reasons, it comes as no surprise that more homes are seeing the introduction of sunrooms, rather than conservatories, which have been the go-to for UK homes over the last 20 years. 


Despite the popularity of conservatories, one of the biggest drawbacks that they bring during the warmer, summer months is overheating, another reason why more homeowners are switching to sunrooms. Now, we're not saying that sunrooms do not get hot during the summer, they do, we are just saying that they are far less likely to turn into a walk-in oven that's attached to your home. However, if we are lucky enough to get a sustained period of warm weather in the UK, you may feel the temperature beginning to rise within your sunroom, something you might want to avoid if you or your family spend the majority of your time there getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


So, what can you do lower the temperature? Here we present you with five simple ways to keep your sunroom cool in the summer! 


How to keep your sunroom cool in the summer


Insulate, insulate, insulate 

As sunrooms are often added to homes after the home is initially built, homeowners tend to forget to insulate them which can lead to increased temperatures during the summer. Therefore, an easy way to keep your sunroom cool during hot periods of weather is to add proper insulation. One great way to insulate your sunroom is to add multi-foil insulation. This acts as a vapour-controlled insulation blanket that will not only keep your sunroom cool in the summer but warm in the winter. It also helps to prevent damp, reduce glare and minimise the risk of the fading of your furnishings as a result of extensive exposure to the sun. 


Add blinds 

By adding blinds on your windows, both on the sides and on the top of your sunroom you can make a significant difference to the temperature that you experience in your sunroom. By blocking the direct sunlight, you can make your sunroom a more comfortable space. The only downside to this is that sunroom blinds can be a little expensive but are a real help in the long-term. Look at them as more of an investment, rather than an expense. By ensuring your windows are properly insulated before adding the blinds will result in a more effective method of cooling your sunroom. 


Open your windows

One of the most obvious ways to keep your sunroom cool in the summer is to open the windows! We know this may sound a little bit on the silly side, but you'd be surprised at how many sunrooms do not have windows or glass panels that can open up to allow the fresh air to come in. This may be difficult if your sunroom doesn't have windows or glass panels that open up to the outside, so an idea would be to consider adding these if you find the heat is becoming too hot to handle. Windows at the top of your sunroom are particularly effective as these will allow a constant flow of air, resulting again in a more comfortable space for you and your family. 



Another great way that you can keep your sunroom cool in the summer is to add an effective ventilation system which allows the hot, built-up air to escape, providing a much cooler space for your home. You can purchase vents that can be placed in the lower walls and in the ceiling of the sunroom to help with the effective flow of air, allowing hot air to escape.


Add air conditioning 

The final and most expensive way that you can keep your sunroom cool in the summer is by adding a high-quality air conditioning unit that you can use on those hotter summer days. This will no doubt make your sunroom a much cooler place that you can enjoy at the desired temperature but will result in increased energy consumption. Air conditioners are often the first port of call for homeowners when it comes to cooling down their sunrooms, due to their effectiveness. It must be noted, however, that air conditioners will have to be professionally installed, which can result in some alterations being made to your sunroom. 


And there you have it, five ways that you can keep your sunroom cool in the summer! If you have a sunroom which tends to get on the warmer side during summer, be sure to follow these tips to create a cooler, more comfortable space. If you are thinking about adding a sunroom to your property, then taking these points into consideration before doing so will definitely help in the long run. 


The experts here at SunSpaces can help create the perfect sunroom for your home with very little fuss. For more information about our sunroom or how we can help you, be sure to get in touch with our friendly professionals today, we'd love to hear from you! 


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