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bi-fold doors


Bi-fold doors are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK because they're far more modern than traditional PVC doors. When opened fully, bi-fold doors allow you to break the boundary between your home and garden, which is great during the summer months - but what about in winter?


Did you know that here in the UK we have an average of 133 rainy days per year and only 62.2 days of sunshine? That's a pretty bleak statistic, but don't worry - with a SunSpace, you can enjoy your bi-fold doors and your garden for much longer!


Make the most of your bi-fold doors

When you decide to add bi-fold doors to your property, you really want to make sure you get the most out of them. They're there to be enjoyed and admired, not to mention they probably cost a pretty penny too. If you don't feel like you're making the most of your bi-fold doors because British weather keeps getting in the way - we can help you.


We can install our glass garden rooms against the exterior of your home, so when you open your bi-fold doors, you'll be greeted by a stylish sheltered space. This means you can open your bi-fold doors and enjoy the beautiful view of your garden, whatever the weather. 


panorama garden room


Here you can see how bi-fold doors can be used in place of a wall to really blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. This client knew that they wanted to connect their living space to their garden, but British weather wasn't on their side. Luckily for them, our Panorama Garden Room was the perfect solution. As you can see, this contemporary alternative to a conservatory fits the aesthetic of this modern space perfectly. 


Conservatories are often cold and old-fashioned, meaning they don't work harmoniously with bi-fold doors. Rather that distracting from the beautiful architecture, this Panorama Garden Room works seamlessly and creates a stunning living space that's the perfect balance of indoors and out. Our clients are able to spend much more time in this attractive space now that their Panorama Garden Room is installed.

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Why do garden rooms work so well with bi-fold doors?

  • They don't block the view of your beautiful garden
  • They allow you to make more use of your outdoor space
  • They match the contemporary design of bi-fold doors perfectly
  • They're completely customisable to suit your taste


If you have invested in bi-fold doors for your property, we'd love to have a chat to see how we can help you make the most of them! Our glass garden rooms are a stunning option, but we also offer gorgeous garden verandas too. We can't wait to help you make better use of your outdoor space, all year round.


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