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PICTURED: Prestige Garden Room with Sliding Doors


Have you been dreaming about stepping into one of our beautiful garden rooms and enjoying your garden? We know that a garden room can bring you so much joy. Not only will it make your living space seem bigger and more open, but it will also help you make better use of your garden all year round.



If you haven't come across SunSpaces before, you might not know that we offer bespoke garden rooms. These garden rooms are built to your exacting specifications and can include wall and door panels in a range of different styles.


Sunrooms with sliding glass doors are always a popular option, and it's clear to see why. Watch the video above to see one of our garden rooms with sliding doors in action!


What are the benefits of sliding glass doors?


1. They're incredibly easy to operate.


2. They're lockable - so provide a high level of security.


3. They can be opened to allow fresh air into your garden room.


What are my other options?


If a sunroom with glass sliding doors isn't for you, don't worry, we offer a number of different side panel options that are sure to suit your needs.


Our fixed aluminium walls are completely opaque, providing you with the highest level of privacy.


Our fixed glass walls are transparent but immovable, providing you with permanent protection from the elements without distracting you from your garden.


And finally, our frosted fixed glass walls are opaque enough to provide privacy whilst still allowing some natural light into your garden room.


Which garden room is right for me?


If you're looking for a sunroom with sliding glass doors then you're in the right place. Our glass garden rooms can be custom made with glass sliding doors on one or more sides. This gives you absolute flexibility when it comes to choosing a garden room design that suits you most.


Whether you love the sleek design of the Panorama garden room or the bold features of the Prestige garden room, we can customise your new sunroom with glass sliding doors and bring your outdoor living space to life! Doors and panels aren't the only things that we can customise for you, find out about all the bespoke features of our garden rooms below.


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Do you want to add a garden room with sliding doors to your property? We're excited to get started on your project! All you need to do to get the ball rolling is get in touch with the SunSpaces team.


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