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Garden room with gutter for rainwater drainage


If you're lucky enough to have a garden room, you might be wondering how to look after it throughout the upcoming autumn months. The word 'autumn' my evoke feelings of cosiness and warmth in your mind, but for your garden room, autumn means bad weather and potential maintenance issues.


Garden rooms need gutters to allow rainwater to drain away instead of collecting and causing damage. All of our garden rooms include 14cm high gutters and integrated drainpipes as standard.


How much does garden room guttering cost?

All of our garden rooms are fitted with gutters as standard, but other suppliers may charge an excess, depending on the size of the building and its style.


If you consider the cost of going without a gutter, and the cost of any damage, it's 100% worth every penny! It's best to think of guttering as a long-term investment: if you want a garden room that lasts, then guttering is essential.



Do I need garden room guttering?

Guttering allows water to flow elsewhere, away from your garden room's 'danger zones'. This is very important to the building's structural integrity, so you can enjoy the garden room you love for as long as you can!



What are the benefits of garden room guttering?

  1. It keeps you dry. Guttering helps to keep rainwater from entering your garden room, meaning you stay dry!

  2. It keeps the structure clean. Rainwater can easily pool and splash, making the outside of your garden room dirty

  3. It can be good for the environment. If you choose to collect the rainwater using your gutter and a water-butt, you can reuse it in your garden.


How do I maintain my garden room guttering?

Ensure that you clean out your gutters during the autumn and winter months. Colder weather brings leaves and other debris which can easily get congested within your gutter.


It's recommended that you clean out your gutters twice a year, depending on the foliage surrounding your garden room.



What can we offer you?

At SunSpaces, all of our structures are fitted with 14cm high gutters; they're also 3mm thick, ensuring superb stability for your garden room.


We integrate drainpipes into our designs to create a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing appearance for your outdoor space. This adds to the overall minimalistic and modern look, but you can always personalise this if you wish - we have carious gutter design available to choose from.


Ultimately, guttering is essential for the effective drainage of a roof and can extend the life of your garden room. Do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your options.


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