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One of the many ways that homeowners up and down the country can add value to their properties is by building an extension that provides more space and greater functionality to their home.


However, building a full-blown extension requires a lot of time, planning and money, a heavy investment that comes with plenty of hassle and potential to go wrong. 


Garden rooms, on the other hand, are a much easier choice that homeowners can opt for. They still add value to a property but come with far fewer issues as a result of their quick and easy installation and often little to no planning permission requirements.


But how does a garden room add value to your property exactly? In this blog, we take a look at the main areas where a garden room can boost the worth of your home!


How can a garden room add value to your property?

Here are some of the ways that you can enhance the value of your home by adding a brand-new garden room! 

1. Provides additional space 

As we mentioned at the start of this blog, home extensions add value to properties by providing more space and greater functionality and the same goes for a garden room. Any potential buyer of your home will be drawn to the amount of space that is available to them, so the more space they are able to take advantage of and use for their own purposes, the more appealing your home becomes.


2. More attractive to professionals 

A quality garden room can expand the appeal of your property to a wider group of buyers, including professionals and business owners as the space created can act as a place where they can carry out or widen their area of work. This can be especially attractive if your garden room is already used in some sort of professional manner such as a home office. 


Business owners and professionals may be prepared to pay for your property at a premium price purely for the convenience of having an already dedicated space where they are able to work. Especially during more recent times where working from home and remote working is becoming more and more popular. 


3. Enhances the attractiveness of your outdoor area 

By adding a garden room to your property, not only do you provide yourself and potential buyers with more space but you can also increase the appeal of your garden. Eyes will be immediately drawn to your garden room when entering your garden, making it a focal point of your outdoor space. If built to complement its surroundings, your garden room can look even more attractive as it's not just a random structure placed outdoors that sticks out like a sore thumb.


In the garden, a garden room can act as a bonus to any buyer as they can use it for a wide range of purposes such as a stylish hot tub cover, adding an extra layer of functionality.


4. Entices the buyer to make an offer 

One of the great things about adding a garden room to your property is the wow factor they bring. Not only does it look visually appealing but it also allows your property to stand out from others that may be similar to yours. If, for example, there are two more properties like yours that a potential buyer is looking at, if yours is the one with a garden room included, it will be much more appealing and may entice the buyer to make an offer sooner to avoid missing out.


How much value does a garden room add to your property?

Knowing the exact amount of additional value a garden room is likely to provide your property is difficult to work out as there is a range of variable factors involved. These include the size of the garden room itself, the additional features that they provide as well as where your property is actually located. 


With all these things in mind, however, a high-quality garden room can increase the value of your property by around 5%, often more than enough to cover the costs of installing the structure in the first place.


Our garden rooms

So, now that you know that a high-quality garden room can in fact increase the value of your property, why not install one?


Here at SunSpaces, we offer a choice of premium garden rooms purpose-built to meet your exact needs. So, whether you're installing for yourself or to meet the requirements of any potential buyers, you are sure to find something right here! Browse and learn more about what our collection of garden rooms can offer you below.


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