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A garden room is the perfect way to create the ideal space for making the most of your hot tub!


Adding a hot tub to your property is an unmatched addition that will help elevate your garden to the next level! Whether you’re looking to create a space for relaxation to unwind after a long day or a fun entertainment spot to let loose with your friends, a garden room is the best way to make your hot tub dreams a reality!  


Adding a hot tub garden room to your home is the perfect way to enjoy your hot tub all year round – the benefits are endless!



Benefits of a hot tub garden room



When adding a hot tub garden room you have the opportunity to create additional privacy you might not otherwise have. Garden rooms from SunSpaces offer unmatched flexibility – whether you want clear glass panels to enjoy the view or opaque panels to shield your hot tub from neighbouring properties, you can achieve your goal with SunSpaces!


Adding a hot tub to your garden rooms gives you the perfect shelter to use your hot tub no matter the weather! Come rain or shine, a garden room means that you’re protected from UV rays during the summer months and from rain or snow in the more inclement weather. No need to check the weather forecast, your hot tub is always open for business!


The added shelter also creates the additional benefit of protecting your hot tub from the elements and any falling debris, increasing the life span of the hot tub and reducing any unnecessary maintenance costs that might come from leaving your hot tub exposed.

Entertainment Centre

Having a hot tub garden room helps to create an atmosphere perfect for all your needs! It also gives you the perfect space to store any hot tub essentials you want to keep close to hand, whether that be towels or fun hot tub accessories.


You can even decorate your garden room to help create the ambiance you’re going for – adding beautiful plants can help create a relaxing atmosphere for those looking to unwind, or if you’re looking for an entertainment space, why not add a sound system or drinks bar?  



If you’re interested in adding a garden room to make the perfect entertainment space for your hot tub, take a look at the range of garden rooms available from SunSpaces! We offer a selection of garden rooms in various styles and designs so you’re guaranteed to find something suited to your style.


Garden Rooms



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