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Garden room attached to house


There’s something special about the liminal space between your home and your garden. This is what makes a garden room so appealing – it’s the best of both worlds, creating a completely new environment and space as part of your property.


We all know the unpredictability of the UK weather, and a garden room is the ‘just-right’ option for whatever the weather may bring. If there’s rain, a garden room will make sure that you’re covered, and once the sun appears, you’ll be able to open up the doors to welcome in the rays in no time.


Where can I put a garden room?

This is one of the biggest questions we get asked when providing our installation service. Our bespoke garden rooms can be built detached or attached to your property, meaning you can add your building anywhere you wish around your home or garden.


Detached garden room


This flexibility allows the space to become whatever you want it to, right down to including optional extras for unique preferences or requirements.


Whether you yearn for an extra extension of your home, or for a cosy nook at the bottom of the garden, we are confident that we can provide what you need.


What are the benefits of adding a garden room to my property?

You can use a garden room for many different reasons. If we cast our minds back to the last couple of years, it is evident that our homes became more important than ever during COVID-19.


For example, the space available to many was rapidly reduced, so people utilised their indoor spaces more than ever before. The option for a garden room created a safety bubble for those searching for a place between the throes of working from home, and the chaos of everyday life.


You can also use a garden room for storage, as a garden gym, for hobbies, or as a bar for socialising– perfect for the long summer evenings ahead.


How can we help you achieve your perfect sunroom?

At SunSpaces, our structures are available in a huge variety of configurations, and we can tailor your garden room to your unique needs and preferences.

  • We’ll handle the installation for you. We’re lucky enough to have a team of professional installers on staff. They will build your bespoke sunroom for you and assemble it to the highest standard. This service is available nationwide, and our team are backed with extensive experience in assembling all SunSpaces products.

  • Choose your size. Our garden rooms are available in almost any size. No matter how big or small your space may be, we are confident that we can make your dream sunroom a reality. Let us know your specifications and we’ll show you what we can offer.

  • Free standing or attached? You decide! All of our garden rooms are available in either configuration. It's completely up to you what kind of space you want us to build.

  • We can customise your sunroom as much or as little as you wish. A few personalisation options available include: LED lights, easy-to-use hating systems, fabric sun blinds, sleek gutter coverings and even a Bluetooth stereo system!


Still not convinced? Take a look...

Whether you’re trying to convince someone else or looking for inspiration for your space, take a look at our garden room gallery to explore the range, sizes and styles of our sunrooms.

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