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We're quickly approaching October which can only mean one thing, autumn is coming! In our opinion, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, and a great way to observe all of the autumnal transitions in your garden is to relax in your garden room.


All of our glass garden rooms are designed to obstruct very little of your view, so you can really take everything in while remaining warm and dry. If you're someone who likes to switch up your garden room decor at this time of year, then you're in the right place. We have some great autumnal decoration ideas for you to try!


Autumnal Foliage

autumnal foliage

(Photo from Envato Elements)


If you're someone who likes to decorate your garden room with natural textures and plants, now is a great time to start incorporating some autumnal foliage. This could include, pine cones, dried flowers, pampas grass and even sunflowers. Choosing flowers in an autumnal colour will really bring your garden room to life!


If flower arranging isn't really your thing, you might prefer to add a selection of autumn-friendly house plants. These are house plants that can cope with slightly colder temperatures, and some of them even flower during this time of year, as opposed to during summer. A few great autumn house plants are poinsettia, holly, ivy or Christmas cactus.


Cosy Blankets

autumn blanket

(Photo from Envato Elements)


Making your garden room a warm and inviting space for the autumn season can be achieved by adding some cosy blankets. Not only will blankets add some beautiful texture and colour to the space, they'll also come in really handy when you want to relax in your garden room on colder days.


We'd recommend either choosing blankets in a neutral tone with a bold chunky stitch, or blankets with a beautiful autumnal pattern to really bring your garden room to life. In our opinion, you can never have too many blankets in your home as we head into the winter months. Who knows, they might even come in handy if you decide to head into the garden with the hot chocolate to look at the stars!



autumn table decoration with pumpkins

(Photo from Envato Elements)


It's pretty difficult to imaging autumn decor without pumpkins. Pumpkins are a focal point throughout autumn and they also remind us that Halloween is on the way. You can incorporate pumpkins into your garden room decor in a number of ways.


You could add pumpkin ornaments, pumpkin scented candles, a pumpkin painting or even an autumnal arrangement that features real pumpkins! Whichever way you choose to add them to your garden room decor, pumpkins are sure to get you in the mood for autumn.


So there you have it, a few autumn decor ideas for your garden room! We believe you should enjoy your garden room all year round, hopefully, our suggestions will help you do just that! If you don't already have a glass garden room, take a closer look at them below.


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