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Did you catch last night’s episode of Love Your Garden? If you did, you will have seen our Aspire Veranda and Awning featuring prominently in Kirsty’s garden transformation! Missed the episode? No problem – catch up on all the details here.



Kirsty’s Story

This episode of Love Your Garden was in aid of a recently widowed wife, Kirsty and her two adorable twins Phoebe and Sam. Their husband/father Kevin tragically passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm on New Year’s Day, and Kirsty bravely donated his organs so that he could go on to save the lives of others. Something that she finds comfort in each and every day.


Kirsty was born with an inherited hereditary condition known as Stickler syndrome. It’s characterised by distinct facial features, hearing, sight and joint problems. Until falling pregnant, Kirsty didn’t even know if she would be able to conceive – it was a miracle! She knew that there was a 50/50 chance of the gene been carried through to her children, and unfortunately her daughter, Phoebe, inherited the condition.


Since her husband’s passing, Kirsty has been looking after the two twins on her own. Her condition means she struggles with her vision, her hearing and is also unable to drive. That means, a lot of her free time with the children is spent at home or in local play areas, so having a relaxing and safe environment at home is a must!


With everything that Kirsty has been trough over the last few years, we wanted help transform her outdoor living space with the addition of our Aspire Veranda from SunSpaces and Awning to her Love Your garden renovation.


The Existing Garden



The home that Kirsty and the twins moved into has a large garden space, but it looked quite run down and wasn’t very inspiring, safe, or relaxing. With Phoebe’s Stickler’s syndrome, she needs a safe and sensory-stimulating space to explore with her brother Sam.


Kirsty loves flowers and really wanted to bring the garden to life with some flower beds and a seating area. Of course, with her condition, Kirsty spends a lot of time at home, so the Love Your Garden team wanted to give her a space that she could enjoy all year round. That’s where we came in!


Our design specialists created this 3D design of the space to show Kirsty how it would look before work began. As you can see, we were able to render everything including her new deck, her SunSpaces veranda and even her garden furniture. This 3D picture helped the Love Your Garden team to work through the project while keeping the finished design in mind.


The Garden Transformation



Using one of our bestselling Aspire verandas, Alan and the Love Your Garden team completely renovated the rear garden! Now, Kirsty and the twins can pop into the back-garden rain or shine – the SunSpace will provide shelter while the awning provides shade.


They complemented this practical garden structure with DeckPlus composite decking, a TimberTech composite handrail, a wide range of plants and flowers and some modern yet comfortable furniture. All of these new features are incredibly easy to maintain, provide a range of sensory experience and will look great for years to come.


At the bottom of the garden, the team added a brand-new slide in a bright teal that the twins will love, they created a separate sheltered seating area and some wonderful plant beds. All of which are safe for Sam and Phoebe to enjoy.


We hope that Kirsty’s SunSpace will be a place of peace and playfulness in the years to come and we’ve loved being part of this incredible transformation.


For more information about the SunSpace Aspire Veranda or Awning featured in this episode, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can even help you achieve a garden transformation of your own.