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With 2020 coming to an end (thankfully), we can finally start to look forward to 2021 in hope that it brings much more joy than the previous year. For many, this year has been a real struggle due to the sheer amount of time that we have been forced to spend indoors. But for some, this has provided new opportunities and new hobbies that they may have never indulged in before, such as gardening or simply spending more time in their outdoor space.


With that said, this blog looks at the garden trends that are set to be a hit in 2021, inspired by the activities and noises on Instagram, a place where many garden and outdoor lovers go to share their experiences, advice and ideas.


So, without further ado, let's take a look at the biggest garden trends that are set to take 2021 by storm...


wild garden

Image: Pixabay


Balcony Gardening

Recent research has found one in eight UK households have no access to shared or private gardens, meaning a lot of people can not simply get up and go and enjoy a garden space. As a result, a large number of city-dwellers have started to look for more creative ways to embrace nature and the outdoors by undertaking balcony gardening.


With a balcony, you have a wide choice of options to bring a functional space to life. You may opt to make the most of any wood present, go for a minimalist design or choose to create a wildlife oasis.


Wild Gardens

Whether you choose to go for wildflowers or to simply leave a section of your garden's run wild and unattended, a wild garden is excellent for creating a safe haven for all sorts of wildlife to thrive and prosper.


In terms of plants and flowers, it is best to go for single-flowering varieties of plants and open flowers to create a truly wild feel.


Wild flower meadow

Image: Needpix


Inside Out

Another garden trend that is set to pick up pace in 2021 is outdoor living, in particular specific outdoor living areas.


The focus here is to create a natural flow from your inside space into your outside space, where the garden begins to feel like an extension of your home, rather than a separate space. The trick to do this successfully is to ensure your interior and exterior designs work synonymously.


Garden deck


Raised Garden Beds

For those of you who find that your are limited on space in your garden, a great way to still spend time outdoors without having to take up a lot of room is through raised garden beds.


These are fantastic as they allow you to control your soil better, decrease soil compaction and care for your plants a lot easier. A 2021 garden trend that is sure to see many of us spending more time outdoors.


Deck planters


Windowsill Gardening

Similar to balcony gardens, windowsill gardening is a great way for those who are limited on space to connect with nature in a creative way.


The main feature behind windowsill gardening is that it provides an idea way to grow plants that can add a little something extra to your cooking! Here you can focus on growing a selection of plants that includes herbs, chilli, onions and spinach.;


Just because you don't have a huge amount of outdoor space, it doesn't mean that you can't grow fresh plants and flowers.


Flower pot on window sill

Image: Pixabay


So, there we have it. Some of the biggest 2021 garden trends are sure to pick up even more momentum in the year to come.



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