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Grey Aspire veranda


Aspire (pictured above) is our best-selling glass veranda, and if you like the look of this stylish outdoor structure, we've got a fantastic offer that you won't want to miss.



Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for our garden rooms and verandas has skyrocketed. With more people at home, and with the prospect of a holiday abroad taken away from the whole nation, homeowners turned their attention towards improving their homes and gardens for a luxurious staycation.


SunSpaces car


Thanks to the rising demand for our SunSpaces, we have added two new branded vehicles to the SunSpaces fleet to help deliver our products and services nationwide.



Did you catch last night’s episode of Love Your Garden? If you did, you will have seen our Aspire Veranda and Awning featuring prominently in Kirsty’s garden transformation! Missed the episode? No problem – catch up on all the details here.



Kirsty’s Story

This episode of Love Your Garden was in aid of a recently widowed wife, Kirsty and her two adorable twins Phoebe and Sam. Their husband/father Kevin tragically passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm on New Year’s Day, and Kirsty bravely donated his organs so that he could go on to save the lives of others. Something that she finds comfort in each and every day.


Kirsty was born with an inherited hereditary condition known as Stickler syndrome. It’s characterised by distinct facial features, hearing, sight and joint problems. Until falling pregnant, Kirsty didn’t even know if she would be able to conceive – it was a miracle! She knew that there was a 50/50 chance of the gene been carried through to her children, and unfortunately her daughter, Phoebe, inherited the condition.


Since her husband’s passing, Kirsty has been looking after the two twins on her own. Her condition means she struggles with her vision, her hearing and is also unable to drive. That means, a lot of her free time with the children is spent at home or in local play areas, so having a relaxing and safe environment at home is a must!


With everything that Kirsty has been trough over the last few years, we wanted help transform her outdoor living space with the addition of our Aspire Veranda from SunSpaces and Awning to her Love Your garden renovation.


The Existing Garden



The home that Kirsty and the twins moved into has a large garden space, but it looked quite run down and wasn’t very inspiring, safe, or relaxing. With Phoebe’s Stickler’s syndrome, she needs a safe and sensory-stimulating space to explore with her brother Sam.


Kirsty loves flowers and really wanted to bring the garden to life with some flower beds and a seating area. Of course, with her condition, Kirsty spends a lot of time at home, so the Love Your Garden team wanted to give her a space that she could enjoy all year round. That’s where we came in!


Our design specialists created this 3D design of the space to show Kirsty how it would look before work began. As you can see, we were able to render everything including her new deck, her SunSpaces veranda and even her garden furniture. This 3D picture helped the Love Your Garden team to work through the project while keeping the finished design in mind.


The Garden Transformation



Using one of our bestselling Aspire verandas, Alan and the Love Your Garden team completely renovated the rear garden! Now, Kirsty and the twins can pop into the back-garden rain or shine – the SunSpace will provide shelter while the awning provides shade.


They complemented this practical garden structure with DeckPlus composite decking, a TimberTech composite handrail, a wide range of plants and flowers and some modern yet comfortable furniture. All of these new features are incredibly easy to maintain, provide a range of sensory experience and will look great for years to come.


At the bottom of the garden, the team added a brand-new slide in a bright teal that the twins will love, they created a separate sheltered seating area and some wonderful plant beds. All of which are safe for Sam and Phoebe to enjoy.


We hope that Kirsty’s SunSpace will be a place of peace and playfulness in the years to come and we’ve loved being part of this incredible transformation.


For more information about the SunSpace Aspire Veranda or Awning featured in this episode, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can even help you achieve a garden transformation of your own.


It’s a new dawn for us here at SunSpaces HQ and the sun is shining brighter than ever.


After over a decade of garden makeovers, we thought it was about time we got a makeover of our own. Luckily, the radiant result has left us simply glowing!


We wanted to create a website that truly reflected our products: sleek and stylish yet practical, offering an experience that’s totally hassle-free. Our “SunSpace Odyssey” brought us here to SunSpaces 2.0 – designed to help you surf effortlessly all the way to our sunny shores.


So, break out the shades, dust off that sun hat and prepare for the smouldering heat of the all-new!



What’s changed?

With easier navigation than ever before, our shiny, new website provides you with a user-friendly interface specifically designed to streamline the digital process and make your online journey a breeze.


Laid out in simple categories and headings, the new site is a breath of fresh air to new and existing customers alike. Everything you need is listed right at the top of the page: simple hover over the relevant heading and click the sub-listing you need!


What’s new?

It’s not just the aesthetic design that went under the knife; we’ve also given our product catalogue a bit of a facelift too. To provide our customers with even more options to choose from, we’ve gone the extra mile and expanded our portfolio to allow for maximum flexibility across our entire range.


But what does that mean exactly? That means we’ve given our verandas and garden room collections a complete overhaul so that every veranda is also available as a garden room and every garden room is also available as a veranda – providing two great options for every stunning design!


What now?

Whatever you want from your outdoor design, SunSpaces has you covered – quite literally – for whatever weather comes your way. Freedom of choice has never been so bright!


Even if you are unsure and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered there too. Simply head over to our “Get Inspired” section to browse genuine case studies of real-life garden conversions for all the inspiration you’ll need.


What are you waiting for? Give your brain a little solar power and see what the summer can bring to your garden this year, courtesy of SunSpaces!



Make your summer dreams come true by calling SunSpaces today on 0800 085 8110 or drop us a line using the button below.


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Our Panorama SunSpaces with sliding glass doors are incredibly popular, especially at this time of year! 


They feature stylish 10mm thick sliding doors that allow you to feel completely submerged and in-touch with your garden. It is starting to get warmer but British weather can be very unpredictable. Our Panorama SunSpaces will do their best to keep you dry in unexpected rainstorms while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. This SunSpace will help you make the most of your garden through spring, summer and even into autumn! 


In this blog, we take a close look at a Panorama SunSpace that was installed for one of our clients. This client added a SunSpace and a raised deck to make the most of their outdoor space - and the results are breathtaking!


panorama garden room  

Furniture & Shrubs:

The sleek Panorama Garden Room is a great match for contemporary outdoor furniture and the customer did a great job of giving their new deck a green finish with wonderful shrubs! Our panorama rooms are excellent for viewing your garden and surroundings, our client will be able to observe their whole garden from the comfort of their new Sunspace.