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We’ve shown you a few ways in which to turn your SunSpace into a totally unique and individual part of your home, but have you thought about using it as a dedicated games room?

With easy access to your garden, a garden games room would be perfect for family barbecues, garden parties and get-togethers with friends! Here are five ideas:

Retro Arcade Room

If you already own some retro arcade machines, or are thinking of investing in one or two, we have the perfect place to house them! Just add some neon lighting and some gaming nostalgia items and you're good to go!

Arcade games

Pool Room

Whether you consider yourself to be be a pool pro, or simply enjoy a casual game with friends, this is great a idea for a dedicated chilled, fun space to hang out with friends in.

Pool table

Cosy Gamer’s Hideaway

If consoles are your thing, why not use one of our SunSpaces to house your game collection? All you need is a suitably big TV and a cosy chair and you're ready to go! 

Computer games

Party Games Room

If you're someone who likes to get all your friends over for a fun night in, this is the SunSpace for you! Add a football or air-hockey table with some funky seating, and before long, your place will be the number one house party destination.

Table football

A Games Room for Kids

Children's toys and games can take up a lot of room in your house, so having a dedicated space for them is an ideal way to prevent the rest of the house from becoming untidy.

Child's play

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