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SunSpaces – Frequently Asked Questions

SunSpaces – Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for further information on our range of garden rooms and verandas? We may have already answered your question – see below for some of our most common queries.

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SunSpaces are covered by EN 1090-1 certification so you can be confident of our product quality.

Q: Can I install the garden room myself?
A: Yes – all SunSpaces products come with a clear assembly guide and a step-by-step instructional DVD. However, we also offer a professional Installation service if you would rather not construct the SunSpace yourself. Installation can generally be completed in two days.
Q: How much maintenance do SunSpaces need?
A: SunSpaces verandas and garden rooms are extremely low-maintenance. We recommend that you keep your structure clean, but otherwise, no maintenance is required.
Q: Do I need planning permission?
A: In most cases, no. You will only need planning permission for your garden room if it encroaches on a border. It may be worth contacting your local planning office if your house is a listed building or if you live within a conservation area. Read our Planning Permission Guide for more information.
Q: What colours can I choose from?
A: We offer three colours as standard: Graphite Grey, White, and Cream. However, if you have a specific colour in mind, we are able to provide almost any RAL colour for an additional charge.
Q: Will I need to lay a foundation for my SunSpace?
A: One of the biggest selling points of our structures is the fact that they can, in most cases, be installed without any foundation. Most SunSpaces are installed onto concrete post bases.
Q: How high will the roof be?
A: This is variable, and can be decided upon your design. However, most of our structures are circa 2.65m (8ft 8”) in height.
Q: How will my garden room/veranda be connected to my house?
A: An aluminium base plate will be attached to your property with masonry fixings. It will be sealed along the upper edge with silicone.
Q: What accessories are available for my SunSpace?
A: We offer a variety of accessories, including integrated LED lights, 2kw heaters, and coloured awnings for your structure’s roof. Visit our Accessories page for details.
Q: How long will you take to deliver my SunSpace?
A: Delivery will be within 6 weeks of order confirmation.
Q: Do SunSpaces come with a warranty?
A: Our aluminium structures come with a 10 year warranty.
Q: How much weight can the roof of my garden room bear? Will I be able to walk on it?
A: SunSpaces can withstand loads of up to 90kg per square metre (that’s roughly 50cm of snow). For health and safety reasons, we advise against walking on top of your SunSpace.
Q: How deep into the ground will the posts of my garden room/veranda go?
A: Posts will be placed approximately 50cm into the ground.
Q: Is the seal between the back of the veranda and wall waterproof? and can you suggest how to join (waterproof) the end of a veranda to an existing building?
A: We would look to cut the flashing into the building to make it water proof – we can advise further if we see photo’s or survey
Q: Do you have any figures to show how much light gets through your different types of roofing material (it is not clear on website)?
A: Glass roofs would be just as a normal glass window or roof but for Polycarbonate Roofs Our product stats are Clear Polycarb is 70% and Opal is 32%
Q: Do you sell or can you recommend any internal (retractable?) shading device, as am concerned it may be too bright (we are south facing)
A: We have a sun blind or cloth blind please see accessory page in the brochure
Q: Would having a firepit inside, damage the roof (what temperature can the roof take)?
Q: For a 6m side can all the sliding doors go across to one end or do they have to go to either end
A: You would need a central post so you would have a separate glass sliding wall system either side of the central post

For buildings where no central post required the glass would slide either side
Q: What is the pitch of the roof?
A: 5 -15 degrees for a glass roof and 8-15 Degrees for Polycarbonate
Q: Can the posts be bolted to a patio rather than dug into the ground?
A: We would normally lift the slab up, concrete the post in and lay the cut slab back around the post
Q: Our patio has relatively deep grooves where the pointing is, would this be a problem for the tracks under the walls? There seem to be similar patio slabs in the brochure.
A: We would look to cut a channel into the slab for evenness and to prevent water running under
Q: Would it be a problem housing a hot tub in the glass structure in terms of moisture level/condensation? If we added a outdoor shower would this be a problem?
A: It would generate condensation, this wouldn’t affect the building with rust – we would suggest a door left open or you ventilate after using the hot tub/shower
Q: Is it a problem that the roof would be so flat? We would obviously need the rain to run away from the garage walls. There seem to be flat-ish roofs in the brochure but not sure of snow loading issues?
A: This is all within the calculation and there wouldn’t be an issue with a 5 degree pitch
Any other questions? Call 029 2080 3755 now for more information about our garden rooms and verandas!

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"The project as well supported from start to finish. It was good to see the product on display, albeit a long journey to Slough, and the staff were very helpful. Tom was straight and clear with all aspects of the job and the site visit was also really valuable in terms of creating a final plan. Installation was efficient, quick and clean. We have an excellent addition to our home and we are really pleased with the outcome. "

, Rugby

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