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Why Add a SunSpace to Your Home?

Why Add a SunSpace to Your Home?

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SunSpaces temperatures If you treasure your outdoor space and the time you spend there, adding a veranda to your property could be the best decision you ever make.

Not only do SunSpaces verandas make a stylish and attractive addition to any home’s aesthetic, they’re also a fantastic means of getting more from your garden. Read on to find out more about our verandas and how adding one to your home could benefit you; alternatively, click here to request your FREE SunSpaces information pack, including a complimentary 3D drawing of your dream veranda!

What is a Veranda

A veranda is an outdoor structure consisting of a roof held up by several support posts. A veranda is usually built up against the outside wall of its parent property, although detached verandas are available for those who would rather have a free-standing structure.

A veranda is distinguished from a garden room by its lack of walls. Where a full garden room has glass walls on all three sides, verandas tend to be open-walled, making them feel more like a part of the garden as opposed to another room in the house.
SunSpaces are covered by EN 1090-1 certification so you can have confidence in the quality of all our products.

adding a veranda what is a veranda

Why add a Veranda to your home?

If you love spending time in the back garden, adding a veranda to your property will benefit you in a number of ways. For one thing it will serve as both shelter and shade (depending on what the weather is doing); if you’re lounging in the garden one summer afternoon with your nose in a book, your SunSpaces veranda will keep you cool and protect you from the sun’s rays while simultaneously keeping you and your book dry in the event of an unexpected shower!

The area underneath a veranda can be utilised for all kinds of different purposes. If you like eating dinner outside, then your veranda will make the perfect home for an outdoor dining set, but our structures are just as well-suited to garden loungers and even hot tubs!

Cost-effective and easy to assemble (even for those with minimal DIY experience), our gorgeous verandas represent a superbly easy means of adding value to your home and getting more from your garden.

Call SunSpaces now on 029 2080 3755 or email to find out more about adding a veranda to your property.

adding a veranda
SunSpaces are a fantastic way to increase your living space and, moreover, an excellent way to increase the amount of quality time you get with the ones you love. To find out more about adding a SunSpaces garden room to your home, call 029 2080 3755 today.

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