Why Add a Garden Room to Your Home?

Nothing is more precious than quality time spent with family and friends. In the summer months, your garden is a hub for occasions like these – eating dinner outdoors, catching up over a bottle of wine, or simply taking some time to relax and read a good book. Our extensive range of SunSpaces can help you gain more leisure time, simply install, sit back and relax.

More Quality Time for You & Your Loved Ones

But why should the good times end when the temperature drops? Many people seem to forget about their gardens entirely in the autumn and winter months, but even when the weather is foul, you can still get plenty of enjoyment out of your garden – all you need is a SunSpace!

Our garden room extensions dramatically extend the amount of time that you can spend in your garden. Adding a SunSpace to your home will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in colder months; the sturdy aluminium construction will shield you from the elements and keep you comfortable in almost any weather.

This is great news for you and your family! Your garden extension will serve as a great place to dine, play, and spend time with each other, just as your garden is in the summertime. You can also use the garden room for storage, safe in the knowledge that the items you store will be out of harm’s way and safe from the rain.

Increase Your Living Area

A SunSpace will increase your living area in much the same way as a conservatory would, but our lockable garden rooms with fixed panels have several key advantages. For one thing, they are significantly less expensive, both in terms of the materials and the manpower necessary for construction. SunSpaces garden rooms are competitively-priced, and can transform the way you use your garden space.

Note also that, unlike conservatories and full-blown home extensions, our Garden Rooms do not usually require planning permission of any kind (unless close to boundaries, etc.) This gives you one less thing to worry about, and enables you to place your garden room wherever you think it will serve you best!

SunSpaces are a fantastic way to increase your living space and, moreover, an excellent way to increase the amount of quality time you get with the ones you love. To find out more about adding a SunSpaces garden room to your home, call 0800 085 8110 today.
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