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Infinity Garden Rooms

If you want a garden structure that’s completely tailored to your personal preferences, we think you’ll love our Infinity garden rooms. With the help of our free in-house architect technician service, you can design your own bespoke SunSpace, then watch as your design becomes a reality!

Infinity garden rooms offer complete flexibility - allowing you to build the SunSpace of your dreams to fit your home’s exact outdoor footprint. Set a stunning stage for relaxation, entertaining and dining by adapting a range of features to meet sun, rain and wind protection, practical usage, security, privacy, ventilation and any accessibility issues.

Spanning up to a maximum depth projection of 5 metres, there is no limit to the width of these bespoke garden rooms. Choose a glass roof, or select from a range of polycarbonate roofs – clear, opal, or heat repelling IR clear. Add sleek and stylish clear or opaque glass or polycarbonate side panels or aluminium walls; try tilt and turn windows; request a run of glass sliding walls or choose lockable sliding doors or open-out, double doors.
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Bespoke Infinity garden rooms are easily tailored to snugly fit the nooks and crannies of your home’s layout. They can very effectively shelter rear and side entry doorways and patio doors, increase space or create covered walkways between exterior doors, garages or buildings that are full protected from the elements.

And once your design is underway, we have many optional extras that you can add to your bespoke garden room. Why not warm things up with our 2kw heaters, integrated LED lights or a sound system? We can even take care of the flooring – choose from low-maintenance decking and stunning porcelain paving!

Are you ready to design your own bespoke garden room? Call 029 2080 3756 or email info@sunspaces.co.uk to discuss your project with a member of the SunSpaces team, or click here to request a FREE information pack, including a complimentary design for your Infinity garden room!

Standard Colour Options

RAL 7016Anthracite Grey
RAL 9007Grey Aluminium
RAL 9016Traffic White
RAL 9001Cream
Infinity Garden Room Details:
  • Flexible, fully bespoke garden rooms, designed to meet your specifications
  • Once your design has been finalised, delivery will take up to 6 weeks
  • Available colours include Anthracite Grey, Grey Aluminium, Traffic White and Cream and many other customised RAL colours
  • Roofing materials: choose from toughened glass or sturdy polycarbonate sheets
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Glass: 8mm thick toughened safety glass

Roofing Material Options

Choose from a range of different roofing materials. We can offer you a range of polycarbonate options as well as 8mm toughened safety glass. Find our more below.
Clear Polycarbonate
Clear Polycarbonate: lets in more light
Opal Polycarbonate
Opal Polycarbonate: blocks some sunlight
IR Clear Polycarbonate
IR Clear Polycarbonate: heat repelling block 68% heat

Gutter Options

Whilst the Infinity Garden Room comes with a standard gutter cover (see below). There are also a range of alternative gutter covers that you may wish to consider. Browse the range below.
Standard gutter
Standard gutter: supplied as standard
Round gutter cover
Round gutter cover: (optional extra)
Classic gutter cover
Classic gutter cover: (optional extra)

Optional Extras

Side Panel Option - Glass Sliding Doors

Fit a range of sliding glass panels to your bespoke Garden Room to make the most of unspoilt view. Made from toughened glass to give you better protection from the elements these sliding doors are sure to provide you with the ultimate outlook. We can also supply opaque glass when required.
Glass Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors
Sliding Glass Doors

Side Panel Option – Fixed Glass Walls

We can supply a range of glass side walls – either in clear or opaque glass. Manufactured from toughened glass to provide the ultimate in durability.
Fixed Glass Wall
Fixed Glass Walls

Side Panel Option – Aluminium Walls

We can supply a range of glass side walls – either in clear or opaque glass. Manufactured from toughened glass to provide the ultimate in durability.
Aluminium Wall with Sliding Doors
Aluminium Wall

Side Panel Option – Polycarbonate Side Walls

We can supply a range of polycarbonate side walls – this can marry with your polycarbonate roof material (above). We provide the side walls in a choice of Clear Polycarbonate (lets in more light); Opal Polycarbonate (blocks some light); and IR Clear Polycarbonate (blocks 68% of the heat)
polycarbonate Walls with Hot Tub
Polycarbonate Walls with Sliding Doors

Door Options – Open Out Double Doors

Should you require patio doors, the flexibility of the SunSpaces bespoke module means these may be fitted.
Open Out Double Doors
White Open Out Double Doors

Window Option – Tilt and Turn Window

Require a fixed side to your Infinity Garden Room but want to let in some ventilation? Consider our Tilt & Turn windows.

Door Options – Lockable Doors

If you need the security of lockable doors, our Infinity range can be equipped with a lock system.


Add lighting to your SunSpace to illuminate your outdoor area and provide a warm glow to proceedings. Our LED lighting system is made in Germany and conforms to high quality standards. Available in a kit incorporating 6 LED light, plus a transformer and a remote control unit, this lighting system will transform your evenings.
Lighting Equipment
Lighting Installed


We also provide a range of heaters to provide you with that all important warmth, given our unpredictable climate! Our extensive range of heaters means that you can enjoy your SunSpace for longer, especially in the Autumnal evenings. See also our heat & beat option under Sound below. Choose from the following models:
Black & White Goldsun Aqua 2000
Goldsun Aqua 2000
Available in black or white

Supply Wattage:220-240V / 50Hz
Water Resistance:IP55 (Spray Proof)
Heating area:24m2
Housing:Aluminium & Metal
Dimensions:53.5 x 12 x 15.5cm
TH 1800R
TH 1800R

Supply Wattage:220-240V / 50Hz
Water Resistance:IP24 (Splash Proof)
Heating area:14m2
Housing:Aluminium & Metal
Dimensions:69 x 22 x 29cm
Outdoor Heat Panel RC
Outdoor Heat Panel RC

Supply Wattage:220-240V / 50Hz
Water Resistance:IPX4 (Splash Proof)
Heating area:12m2
Housing:Aluminium & Metal
Dimensions:104 x 5 x 18cm


We have two different shade systems on offer. Both of which assist in the prevention of glare from the sun, as well as reducing the internal heat within your structure.

Sun Blinds
Fitted internally these fabric sunblinds really do enhance your SunSpace experience! Available in four colours and in a selection of fabrics, these manual blinds feature UV resistant fabric. (See RightSee Above).

Electric Sun Blinds
These electric internal sun blinds are available to provide shade and UV protection. Manufactured from UV resistant fabric, these blinds are equipped with an electric motor and are available in a range of fabric colours. (See Images Below).
Shade Option
Shade System


The Heat and Beat system is a heater with an integrated Bluetooth stereo. Low-glare, this Golden lamp is dimmable, so you can adjust it to your desired levels. The heater and speakers can be controlled via an app, or via remote control.
Heat & Beat Speaker
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