Beautiful Vogue Garden Room in Taunton

We were recently approached by a couple from Taunton who were keen to add a SunSpace to their home for a very special reason. They have a beautiful Newfoundland puppy with a very thick coat who gets far too hot in their house during the summer.

To help keep their precious pup cool, they wanted to install a garden room that could be opened to allow fresh air into the property. They have a wonderful view of the surrounding fields and wanted to make the most of the beautiful sunsets on an evening.

After a phone consultation with our team, they settled on a Vogue garden room with sliding roof and sliding glass panels.

Take a closer look at their stunning Vogue garden room

This video illustrates how versatile their brand new Vogue garden room is. With the addition of a beautiful dining table and relaxing day beds, this space will not only be perfect for our client's dog, but it will be a great space for them to relax and entertain all year round too.

To ensure that they could use their Vogue garden room in all weathers, our client added two standing heaters. This means they can snuggle up and enjoy the view when the weather gets cold. When things brighten up, they can open their sliding doors and roof and let the fresh country air into their home.

Why choose a Vogue garden room?

If, like this client, you are looking to make the most of your outdoor space - our Vogue Garden Room is an excellent choice. It combines stunning, contemporary design with practical space that you can use all year round.

Our Vogue garden room can be completely customised to suit your needs, so whether you want a light and airy space like this one, or a private space to take a break from the world - we can help.

The side walls can be made of aluminium, safety glass or polycarbonate, allowing for minimal or total privacy. In addition, you can choose to have this garden room attached to your home or as a freestanding structure. Vogue also comes in a range of standard colours to match your design aesthetic perfectly.

If you'd like to install a Vogue garden room on your property, we'd love to hear from you. Remember, all of our SunSpaces can be tailored to suit your requirements. Get in touch with the SunSpaces team to find out more.