27 Heating We supply a comprehensive range of heaters - including the innovative sound system (see right). See above for options. Sound This system is a heater with an integrated Bluetooth stereo. The heater has a heating control function and provides a golden glow and this combined with the ability to play music really does help set the scene. It is operated via a remote control or by app. Manual Sun Blinds Why not add some shade to your Outlook veranda with one of our purpose built sunshades? This manual sunblind has in-built UV resistant fabric and is available in three colours. Electric Sun Blinds Flick between shade and sun quickly and silently with this bespoke electric sun blind. The fabric incorporates built in UV resistance to stop fade, and the blinds are available in a range of colours. Model 8 - heat and sound SunSpaces verandas come with a large variety of optional accessories and extras, most of which are shown on these pages. For further details visit our website at www.sunspaces.co.uk or call us on 029 2080 3756. Model 1 Other models are available. See our website for further details Model 3 Model 4 Capacity: 1800W Water tightness: IP24 Range: 14m2 Including: Remote control Capacity: 1800W Water tightness: IPX4 Range: 12m2 Including: Remote control Capacity: 800 / 1500 / 2000W Water tightness: IP65 Range: 20m2 Including: Remote control Model 8 Capacity: 2000W Water tightness: IP65 Range: 25m2 Including: Remote control Bluetooth speakers LED ambience lighting