Standard dimensions V E R A N D A S W I T H A P O L Y C A R B O N A T E R O O F Outlook+ Pursue the view! Define your everyday outdoor living space. The SunSpaces Outlook+ Veranda has a robust polycarbonate roof that protects you from the rain and direct sunlight! It’s a versatile veranda that gives you the freedom to make the most out of your garden all year round. The Outlook+ has fewer support posts and a strengthened gutter, offering unobstructed enjoyment of your garden and beyond. The frame is available in a range of four standard colours, plus many custom RAL colours are available (optional extra). The polycarbonate roof is available in Clear (lets in more light); Opal (blocks some sunlight for shading) or heat repelling IR Clear (blocks 68 percent of the sun’s heat). Call 029 2080 3756 or visit 1. Outlook+ cream veranda 2. Outlook+ white veranda 3. Outlook+ anthracite grey veranda 4. Outlook+ jet black veranda (special order) 5. Outlook+ anthracite grey veranda No central support required (up to 6m wide x 3.5m deep) Our Outlook+ verandas are designed with rafters on the inside to provide a sleek and streamlined external look Includes an enhanced gutter and fewer support posts for a more open and unobstructed aspect +SERIES 20 1 3 2 4 The SunSpace system allows you to retrofit panels to open sides/front at any future time! Depth - 1.5m to 5m Width - 2m to unlimited