Call 029 2080 3756 or visit Standard dimensions V E R A N D A S W I T H A P O L Y C A R B O N A T E R O O F Outlook Get ready for patio pampering! Enjoy shade from the sun or take shelter from the rain. The Outlook veranda is ideal for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor spaces to the full and stay outside even when the weather takes a turn for the worse! Each Outlook veranda has a robust polycarbonate roof that’s tough enough to withstand just about anything the weather might throw at it. Solid, safe and stylish, this veranda is made from luxurious, high quality aluminium. The frame is available in a range of four standard colours, plus many custom RAL colours are available (optional extra). The polycarbonate roof is available in Clear (lets in more light); Opal (blocks some sunlight for shading) or heat repelling IR Clear (blocks 68 percent of the sun’s heat). 1. Outlook anthracite grey veranda 2. Outlook white veranda with central support 3. Outlook anthracite grey veranda with central supports 4. Outlook white veranda with central support All Outlook verandas over 4m in width require a central support Our Outlook verandas are designed with rafters on the inside to provide a sleek and streamlined external look 18 1 3 2 Depth - 1.5m to 5m Width - 2m to unlimited The SunSpace system allows you to retrofit panels to open sides/front at any future time!