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At SunSpaces, we know that every customer has different needs for their garden. Therefore, we do our best to provide the perfect awning for every type of outdoor space. We offer a wide range of retractable garden awnings. Hence, you are guaranteed to find the ideal shelter to suit your outdoor space needs.


Our retractable awnings allow you to enjoy a perfect day in your garden. At a push of a button, you can enjoy  shade when you most need it or easily retract it to enjoy the sunshine. You will also enjoy a perfect view of your outdoor space while enjoying the shade under your canopy.

We have a range of awnings to choose from. Forget the awnings of yesteryear with manual pulleys for opening and closing, our advanced awnings incorporate features such as  automatic sensors, heaters, LED lights and electronic remote controls. Therefore, you can adjust your awning to function as you want it to, and enjoy heat and lighting as required.


Our garden awnings range:


  1. Compact Awnings

These garden awnings provide the perfect shelter that allows you to experience classic moments in your outdoor living area. The Compact awning  is an entirely retractable awning that is controlled using an electronic remote. When not in use, you retract it quickly and quietly.



The awning frames  are available in several different with bespoke colours available upon request as a special order.  . It also incorporates an integrated gutter system and water outlets which prevents water build up during a rainy day. TheCompact awning is also wind resistant and perfect to use in any weather.

It is made from durable materials hence comes with a 5-year warranty. The Compact Awnings are made from a UV-resistant fabric that is available in more than 250 colours and patterns.


  1. Lite Awnings

These awnings have LED lights that can be dimmed during a sunny day and adjusted when the sun goes down. It is available in a wide range of colours. You can create a customized look for your outdoor space by selecting the colour and pattern of the fabric, and the size that suits your outdoor space needs.

Our Lite garden awnings are electronically retractable using a remote control or through an intelligent motor system that responds to weather changes. The motor can be controlled using an app installed on your phone.



The adjustable lights provide adequate light even after the sun has set. If you do not want LED lights included in your awning, we offer a wide range of fabric valances that would provide additional shade to your garden awning.

Also, we can include a perforation to the fabric valance to allow light pass through. For comfort during the cold weather, we provide a remote-controlled radiant heater with your garden awning.

  1. Elite Awnings

Our Elite Garden Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. They are wind resistant hence very durable. It comes with a 5-year guarantee thus gives you value for your money.



We have utilised the latest garden awning technology to ensure that our awnings are perfect for your outdoor space. They are made from a UV-resistant fabric that offers protection from direct sunlight. Available in a wide range of fabric colours, you can customise your awning  by including a heater or lights. Therefore, depending on your specific needs, we can provide the Elite garden awning that will meet your specifications.


This retractable garden awning consists of the elegant design and is guaranteed to give your garden a magnificent look.



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